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We are so excited to welcome you to the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community! This post is intended to be a guide of sorts, a way to help you understand the goals and intentions behind the creation of this Community.

We decided to launch it with the intention of bringing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players from across the world together to connect, chat and share their experience playing the game. This community will also be a place that you can look to find information about launches, release notes, updates on emerging and known issues and to ask questions of one another.

Some information from your Ministry ID will automatically be uploaded into your Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community profile. For now, this information includes your Code Name (which will serve as your Community name).

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite team is also active on this channel and will occasionally drop into discussions to share our thoughts or provide an answer to a question. We’ll also be using the Community as a place to make announcements and provide additional details on upcoming events, features and more. 

This isn’t intended to be a replacement for your favorite social network or chat app, we’ll still be making announcements, answering questions and more on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, but this Community will serve as another, “official” place for you to discuss Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Please note that the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community is intended for gameplay discussion only. While we love discussions around other Wizarding World titles and Harry Potter content, please keep conversations in this Community on the topic of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Thanks again for joining us and we look forward to connecting with you!



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    Is there a forum for new players? I have a couple fortresses near me, but I am handicapped and dont get out much. I hope to get a scooter soon so I can be mobile. I dont live in the best of neighborhoods, but its safe enough in the daytime. I am only level two, I have only found Hagrid and a memory ball in my home. Not much happens in my immediate area. Is there a way to attract trace? Is there a place i can find education on things like making potions? I am in Phoenix AZ. I love this game!

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    @Jylalee Welcome! There is a form for new players. https://community.harrypotterwizardsunite.com/en/categories/new-players

    I would go there and ask each question in a separate thread so everyone can see the answers who is interested.

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    @Jylalee Even better, first read the posts in the new players forum that @Osprey1 linked above. Then if you have questions that haven't yet been answered, post them there so the community can help.

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    Thank you both!

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    Hi....I am AyrinLabrew and I am a Level 21 Magizooloogist currently located in Oregon. I am in need of a few more friends. If there is a wizard or witch out there willing to add me to their small local community, I would appreciate an owl to the following address: *************. I am also an Alumni of Hogwarts. Thank you for you help!

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