Maybe useful, maybe useless location information

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Players and travellers and travelling players, here's something for you!

The Dalai Lama temple in McLeodganj is a fortress. It also has two green inns and two greenhouses. Yup, you heard me right.

Also, perhaps because its up in the mountains and it was raining (not hard proof) I found across 3 horned serpent fragments, which coincidentally are the only times I got them.

So, if you are in the area, you know you want to fight a werewolf or two in the Dalai Lama temple!

PS: I have absolutely no idea which topic to put this under. Mods! Help!



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    Lol thats great @LeFayeofAlbion ! Il be sure to check that out in my next life when i can afford a trip there😂

    How awesome though that the temple is a fortress!

    I think id start a new thread with this one called something like 'the most weird & wonderful places you have found confoundables '

    Then we can use the 'confoundables' thread for posting the new & exciting ones we find, then your thread for the most unique places they have shown up 😀

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