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Before I start:

I did not read the entire feedback section, but I believe that even, when all of what I propose was already said by someone else, it can only help when more people give feedback regarding this issue.


I know that energy is probably the most frustrating topic in the whole game because of multiple reasons.

The cap of 75 is way too low, you consume energy even when you are fighting, you consume energy when you miss to trace the figure for a spell, you get left with nothing (not even exp) when the foundable disappears and for the high consumption rate there are not nearly enough ways of replenishing energy.

I read that many other players want that energy recovers over time and I see that in Pokemon Go the equivalent to energy are pokeballs which don't appear out of nowhere. Yet, to maybe justify the regeneration over time you could give players a tent to rest in which the player needs to setup themselves or the character automatically sets up after some time. The concept of inns is to rest there, so why not rest in a tent?

Another possibility could be to spawn energy like potion ingredients. We already can harvest them in greenhouses, so why not place them on the map in amounts similar to the ingredients.

Next I would like that the capacity for energy is increased by default. 75 is way too low since you burn through it so quickly since you use it almost everywhere except when brewing potions and opening portmanteaus. Also the price of 150 Gold for measly 10 additional capacity is just not worth it. Similar for the storage but I only want to talk about energy here.

Last but not least: it is terribly frustrating to run out of energy when trying to capture a foundable and not being able to complete it after already using plenty of energy on it.

If you could add a few of these changes you would make the game more enjoyable for your players and will earn more out of it in the long run since you could earn yourselves more loyal players who enjoy your game and enjoy spending time and probably money on it.



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    Hmnm set up a tent?

    I could do with a hearth stone so I can get home instantly. At home I should regenerate, probably not while out fighting.

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    A tent could fulfill the "resting" aspect and can be done on the spot.

    What do you mean with returning home? Leaving the map and reentering it at the place you are at that time (So a virtual home) ? If so this could be an even better idea. Since we are in the Harry Potter universe you don't even need a stone. You could just apparate or use the floo network.

    With the tent I was thinking of Book no. 7.

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    If you had a home you could expect a good night's rest, at least three decent meals a day, storage, possibly a garden, and a mailbox.

    Meaning :

    • A minimum energy level (say the starting 75) renewed after each night.
    • Three real Inn meals, between 5 and 10 (but obviously in favour of 10)
    • Extended storage for potions, ingredients, seeds, water, ...
    • A place to grow plants
    • A way to receive some mail. Be it anouncements from Niantic, or "I play in this town" notices from other players if you so chose.

    And when it comes to incomplete spells, I think that no Spell Energy should be used. It's too easy to mis-cast, or accidentally put your fingers where they shouldn't be. It's not complete, nothing **** from your wand, you didn't say the incantation... you didn't spend energy.

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    I find it amazing that niantic had not adress this issue. From the beginning of the game so much has been written about this and many fine sugestions have been made. I have seen a drop in my area in intetest in the game based on the low activity in our local discord group and lack of folks playing in the last community day. I would be surprised if that is not wide spread. I love the game but fear for the future when Niantic ignores the players concerns. PLEASE FIX.

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    If I understood that correctly then Niantic listened to the players when making changes to Pokemon Go, but they should hurry, since Wizards Unite has competitors unlike Pokemon Go at it's release.

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    Lucky me to have an inn in the vicinity of my rl home, so each night i will refill my energy spell before i go out the next day

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    It's not a question of resources but of resourcefulness.

    Each and every game - regardless of how outlandish or how "sandboxy" - is a representation of reality or at least a certain aspect of reality. Which aspects of reality are used and which are changed or replaced is based on the basic principles of the game and its developers.

    Now why am I telling you that? I do because it explains why the game is set up in the way it is:

    • Your body has limitations, you don't have unlimited energy, you don't have limitless focus or attention-span. Your ability to adapt to your environment is limited to the tools you have at your disposal. Energy represents those limitations:
      • You can expand your energy-storage by training but not indefinitly. You can recharge your energy-storage by eating, drinking (energy from dining at Inns) and resting (energy from the daily quests). Each and every professional body-builder will tell you that resting is an integral part of your workout.
      • The limited way that the game allows you to refill your energy are also a representation of reality. You can buy rest/vacation for money - as you can buy energy from the ingame shop.
      • Also, Niantic is quite vocal about physical training, motivating people to work out in a playful environment
    • Your world is far bigger than your "hood". It's an important aspect of mental health to keep your daily affairs "fresh", to not let it slide into this mindless, almost robotic routine. Change your environment, explore places where you haven't been before, meet and get to know people from different sides of life than just your own. It does so by NOT placing Inns at your home:
      • Having POI set up (and suggested by other players to be added) encourages exploration, they encourage learning about the history of your (and other) areas and traveling through the world with open eyes
    • Also, Niantic is quite invested in Exploration AND Education and has partnered both with Education-Focussed, History-Focussed and Environmental Exploration Organisations to get their Customers to learn more about our world.

    So, to get back to the initial quote: It's not about having too little energy. It is about how you use it.

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    I find this "you have limitations" disingenuous at best. If you have RL money, you can Pay to Play as much as you want in the game. And physical training has nothing to do with it.

    Energy ? Buy it. Runestones too. Ingredients. Keys. Potions. Dark Detectors. Storage. Make your potions brew faster !

    1.09€ is 80 "gold" (Not even Galleons). One key costs 90 gold. That is madness. But some people can pay it and will.

    Meanwhile, those of us who can't or won't pay are stuck with one gold key and the occasional silver reward, with piles of Portmanteaus of limited interest. Especially with the nerfing of the smaller ones. Open 500 of them ? You get 20 gold. Not even enough for a quarter of a silver key. Walk 1000km ? Here, another generous 20 gold. Way to encourage physical effort, those rewards are nearly useless in-game.

    Onto "keeping it fresh"'.

    We keep seeing the same Foundables again and again. I want to get rid of that chicken. I want to try Roast Baby Hippogryff. I will soon have seen more than 200 of each. Still no sign of a Doxy, but 100 prancing Erklings (not counting those in Challenges).

    I am sick of those "Gnomes" which are nothing like the gnomes in the novels. Let the brains have the wizard, he doesn't seem to own one. And for what? Barely any reward. Prestiging makes absolutely no sense within the story, it's purely there to make the game last longer. (Then again, "sense" isn't to be expected. The Hogwarts Express had disappeared and yet the Portkeys all led there for this latest event.)

    The game took less than one month to become a routine, a Daily grind. And since my body does have limitations, (and there are only so many hours in a day), the option to get energy is either the 4 inns more than a kilometre away in a not-so-nice part of town, or those along the boring way downtown, return trip 7km. If I lived downtown, Inns, Greenhouses and Fortresses would all be accessible with ease. (Then again, it may be even more boring, it seems that 80% of downtown is Hogwarts School foundables. So much red everywhere)

    And for the "Discovery" part, many inns here are boring, painted electrical cabinets (some not anymore), municipal buildings, the occasional wall painting. And for the actual historical bits, this city dates back to the Gauls, so a lot is concentrated at the same place, with other more recent POIs being variations on a theme. I've lived in this city for more than 30 years. I know the POIs. And there's nothing about their actual history to be found in the game, so it's not really educational.

    Does anyone have suggestions for a walk-based game ?

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    I have to agree with @DubiousAffairs points.

    It's also important to note that not everyone lives in the same situation as everyone else.

    Person A: "My area has a ton of fortresses but no inns"

    Person B: "My area has a ton of inns but no fortresses"

    Person C: "My area has nothing within walking distance - have to drive for miles to get to something"

    Person D: "I can play right from my couch."

    NOTE: Person C is not necessarily just rural or even suburban. There are some city "deserts" like that as well. And so to say it's "fine" when it truly isn't balanced in that regard is disingenuous.


    To Dubiousaffairs' payment point. That's seriously a problem I have with micro-transactions that affect game play. I've always had that issue with games that do that. This is the longest I've stayed with a game that does that, to be honest. Microtransactions should NOT give someone an "edge" in the game. They should be for cosmetics. It makes an unfair playing system (as we have here) where those who are better off can buy their way to the top. The very fact that many have to either pay real money or wait until midnight to get 10 energy a lot of times is a sign of imbalance in this regard.

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    Again, why break a prefectly functional mechanic when you could fix it at its source: POI-density and -distribution?

    We've already established that POI-distribution is suboptimal or even severely lacking in some areas. But that is no reason to break the most fundamental mechanic of the game.

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    If you read what I wrote in the beginning of this topic you would know that I addressed the resting bit. How does every hunan rest? Sleep. It makes total sense to recharge energy while at home or in a bed. That's where one of my proposals came in. Yes, advancing your energy is done by training, but is it possible to buy fitness? Nope. Although I guess you mean to play the game, this way collect coins while "exercising" and then be able to get a higher energy level.

    Still, the high energy consumption is frustrating, not only me.

    PS. Does energy grow on plants or why can we harvest it in greenhouses?

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    #1416 August, 2019, 11:20 am.

    @venocrix Most of your post sounded like "destructive criticism" to me ("this is bad, change it" or "this is frustrating - and you don't want me to be frustrated, don't you?").

    As for the "Tent" is... well... let me describe what my Issue is:

    • Adventure-Sync is going to be implemented and released soon. That functionality will enable your character to move (and unlock Portmanteaus) even when your app isn't running. Being in a Tent (resting) AND moving at the same time... doesn't really work.
    • In the last book, when Ron, Hermine and Harry were camping, they had to set up protective spells a) against Muggles and b) against Deatheaters c) against roaming animals/monsters/oddities. To have your character do this automaticly feels "lazy".

    In general I like the idea of regenerating Energy while you sleep but the way your proposal is set up, it sounds more like you're trying to change the nature of the game.

    So let me propose a counter-suggestion:

    • You can actively set up a tent. Once you do, Adventure-Sync is deactivated and your account is set to "sleep"-mode for 6/8/10/12 hours. The App then is closed.
    • If you open the app again while Sleep-Mode is still active, you're asked if you want to interrupt Sleep-Mode (which will work in the same way as being woken up appruptly). If you click no, the App is closed again. If you click yes, "Sleep"-Mode is deactivated but you get no "rewards".
    • If "Sleep"-Mode ends "regularly" (at the end of the amount of time you set up), you get 6/8/10/12 Energy per Hour you sleept (meaning, 36e for 6h, 64e for 8h, 100e for 10 hours, 144e for 12 hours).
    • When sleep-Mode is deactivated or ends, Adventure-Sync is reactivated if it was previously active.
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    #1516 August, 2019, 12:17 pm.

    @venocrix As for greenhouses granting Energy,

    • Being in touch with nature is - to most people - more relaxing and rejuvenating than trying to rest in other places. Even just working in nature is less exhausting than doing the equivalent type of work in an "unnatural" environment.
    • It might be seen as an attempt co "adjust" the energy-issue of some regions where the density of POI is low.

    And the "energy consumption" isn't that high. It's almost never about having too little resources, in the overwhelming number of cases it is about a lack of resourcefulness.

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    I'm siding with @Lucoire completely. Niantic has always been an explore and learn game. The area I live in is plagued with "we want to do something but there's nothing to do." I'll never forget the excitement I experienced when I discovered Ingress, finally I had an enjoyable reason to get out of the house. Then when Pokemon GO released local cities began limiting access to public areas because they had never been meant to host so many at a time, suddenly people had something to do outside of their homes and they were. I saw people that I knew (from working on the ambulance) to be completely sedentary, never leaving home and rarely even leaving their bedrooms out and about in parks slinging pokeballs at imaginary characters they didn't even know the names of.

    With that said:

    1) Yes, WU desperately needs better dispersement of POIs at least on par with POGO.

    2) An energy potion would still require exploring to gather ingredients and would fulfill the downtime renewal of energy, as well as extra storage...

    3) The tent idea is gold! I would like to see it more as an AR that you could decorate with "field" photos, accomplishments, memorabilia, etc though. I believe this extra playable option would encourage some of our borderline or tentative players to jump on board. Perhaps in the future if we are able to use Familiars or Charmed items this would also give us a place to change between them so that we couldn't do so whimsically whilst out and about. Perhaps a minimum 1hr setup to rig the tent and place the repellent charms.

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    Greenhouses give energy because you can eat some plants. They're called vegetables and everyone should try them sometime. I heard they're even making burgers out of them now.

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    For the love of God, please no energy potion. It's already difficult enough to manage the ingredients inventory for the potions we have now. And you can rest assured that these end up in the store. So more microtransactions to benefit the people with cash.

    I think resting or inn modifiers are a better way to go.

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    #1916 August, 2019, 02:02 pm.

    I agree, @Caeleon. And as I said before, it's rarely about the lack of Energy. In most cases the reason is people's inability to concentrate on what they want to do with the energy available to them. It's not the lack of resources, it's the lack of resourcefulness that is causing people to be annoyed.

    And honestly, I'm growing increasingly annoyed by people blaming their own inabilities on the game and it's devs.

    I'm horrible at communicating - english isn't my native language - but I'm not blaming anyone else for misunderstanding me. I'm blaming myself for not knowing better. I'm not blaming the game for not giving me enough energy, I'm blaming myself for wasting it on things that don't support the goal that I wanted to focus on (and as a consequence of that, I focus more on my goal). I'm not blaming my job or my employer for not paying me enough, instead I've learned to make do with what I have.

    Sure, the game could be improved to give people more resources... but not without reason - or else the people will never learn to be resourceful.

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