Unlock the previous node to gain access to this upgrade?

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Why does it say “Unlock the previous node to gain access to this upgrade.” If you unlock “Thieve’s survival guide” you can’t then unlock “History of the dark arts” even though they are connected with a path line. Wasted scrolls following this path to find that out when I was trying for a more cheaper in scrolls strategic path through Auror professions nodes.



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    @WerewolfChaser I’m unfamiliar with the auror tree, but I think you are. I saw you comment on another regarding pathways. Not sure if this is the same lesson in question.

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    You need to open "The Criminal Mind" for "History of the Dark Arts".

    And then you could've gone that way to get to "Thieve's Survival Guide" from there, but not the other way around.

    But I do see where it could be confusing. One thing that would help resolve this would be direction arrows. The skill trees are a flow chart, but don't necessarily indicate the direction of flow.

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    Ok, I found the other thread, and it’s discussing the exact same thing. See here.


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