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@HPWULola Challenged me to come up with a forum game, never one to turn down a challenge.


  1. This game relies on the honor system.
  2. You must post the name of a foundable you returned today that starts with the same letter as the previous foundable ends. For example, if I post Erkling which ends with 'g' you can post Giant's Helm. The next person would have to post a foundable that starts with 'M'.
  3. If someone posts at the same time you do, first one counts. (If you're not first do us a favor and edit your post with a cool slang word we invent for the game that means, "Ack! Someone has beaten me to the punch.")
  4. No duplicates.
  5. Scoring
    1. Threat points (1 - low, 2 - medium, ...)
    2. First return doubler
    3. Keeping score is crazy
    4. It will be too hard.
  1. Winner - you win (or lose I haven't decided yet) if you post a foundable that can't be followed.
  2. Cheating - if you cheat you must get us a shrubbery (Oh, sorry, wrong franchise.)

I will start:

A foundable I returned today for the first time was Albus Dumbledore.

Emergency = 5 points doubled for first time returned,

10 points for Hufflepuff.



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