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It would be great if there was a store (probably in Diagon Alley :)) where you could swap a bunch of ingredients you don't need for ingredients you do need like 3 unicorn hair for 1 hermit crab shell or 50 bubotuber pus for a hermit crab shell, etc. Or if you could trade with fellow wizards.




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    #212 August, 2019, 02:16 pm.

    It would be nice, and the ability to trade (ingredients, potions,...) with people on the otherwise useless friends list would be even nicer.

    But then that would be less work for that poor "Get Missing" button. And then where would Niantic get its money ?

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    #312 August, 2019, 05:09 pm.
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    Just riffing on this idea.

    Community groups could establish potions storerooms in fortresses where ingredients and potions could be kept. These would be established by having the creator make an initial deposit and at least four founders match with an equally valuable deposit.

    This would permit non-immediately accessible storage for potions and ingredients and permit sharing to a degree.

    For example, if you had a foundable event coming up you might store your healing, wit and invigoration potions and ingredients to make space for extra extimulos.

    Each deposit would be accounted for in the store room in the cost of gold. Withdrawal to a negative balance would be allowed per settings made by the group, this would permit borrowing. Wizards with positive balances could donate to wizards with negative balances in exchange for group prestige. Group prestige would give wizards rights to control storeroom settings and membership.


    1. Why do this in fortresses? It keeps cooperation local and encourages development of new local players. By making it available in a fortress it would be a strategy to make your storeroom available where you normally do challenges. Alternatively the storeroom may be available at any fortress like an ATM.
    2. Couldn't someone from your group take all your healing potions and ingredients? Yes, it's not personal storage extension it's shared.
    3. Could you trade potions and ingredients for gold? No, they only can be converted to prestige points to encourage and support new wizards.
    4. Won't it just become a dumping ground for sneezewort? I assume groups could adjust the default max per item per wizard capacity of the storeroom as needed or by buying extensions.
    5. Who controls the group? The wizards with the highest prestige however the rules should also account for responsiveness to votes and inactivity.
    6. What about personal activity tracking? I don't think there is any additional information given in this extension that isn't already given via challenges.
    7. Should there be a cost to set up or operate a storeroom? That is an intriguing idea.
    8. What other benefit could be provided? Groups could create an in game crest from preset options to attract new members to the group or to tie their local community to the game.
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    #514 August, 2019, 04:14 pm.

    I agree with this idea, but I would even settle for something as simple as being able to send wizards in your friends list ingredients. For instance, my friend always has snowdrop and can never find butterscotch while I have an excess of butterscotch and almost no snowdrop...if we could somehow through the Friends list send each other excess ingredients, that would be a dream!

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