Make Trace Results Less Random

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Some variability adds excitement. When I level up and see the "Congratulations on level 20, you're now more powerful at traces, again" and then I use a potent potion, and have a SOLID dark green bar, and do masterful casts, I should not get resist after resist after resist and then it disappears. I don't feel like leveling up made me more powerful, I just feel cheated.

Resist should be when you're in the yellow and orange, NOT dark green with potions burning. It disincentivizes leveling up, drinking potions, and trying for masterful casts when the results are obnoxiously, overly random.



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    I would say dark green should be a 95% success but not a full 100. But then that takes us into the cast level thing (Fair, Good, Great, Masterful).

    If I cast a masterful cast and it lands in the dark green then, yeah. sorry... I win. You lose. Give me the foundable.

    Kinda like rolling a Nat-20 in D&D.

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    Here is the best explanation of how casting actually works;

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    @Craeft Don't forget to add the modifiers!

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    A nat 20 with a confirmation 20 for that Epic Insta ****! Especially when you pop off a Masterful before it passes the first white mark.

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    Thanks for that vid @Violentology

    That was extremely useful to help better understand the math and chances behind casting. That does mean, then, that I wish they would rename the casting level because with them labeled Fair, Good, Great, Masterful - it is a bit misleading and raises expectations more than the math would have the results actually be.

    Thank you to @LekeyVelder for making that video. It was the best explanation I've seen regarding this issue.

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    I appreciate the discussion and the video. In truth, I intuited most of what was on the video by just looking at how the hands on the clock adjusted with my level and with exstimulo potions. Fun fact, before you drink the potion, you can click on different strengths of potuon to see how much they each adjust the clock arms. I intuited the math in that video, but my original point still stands.

    At level 20, attempting to catch easy 60% catch rate items, just for fun, I used a couple POTENT potions and go 4 fails in a row. I understand the math. I think the variability is a little too high when I'm rolling in the 80% range and miss as often as I do. The percentage in the highest box should not be a 30% variance like the video says. It doesn't make leveling up feel powerful. Granted leveling up gives you more of a difference on the high end foundables, like the video says, but it should do more on the low end ones too. When the catch percentages are as low as they have set them in this game, trying for masterful casts, using potions, and leveling up, don't feel that powerful to me.

    I'm sure it's good for selling energy though, having the percentages that low.

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    @JollyGrim I've noticed occasions where the RNG gets stuck rolling Low for extended periods.

    IIRC the first half of the first HP Brilliant event's wild Foundables would often have this issue. Sometimes you could leave a battle and immediately return, and suddenly have it roll high on the first cast, beating the Confoundable with a Good, or Fair cast after having it resist 10+ Great and Masterful casts.

    The RNG doesn't seem to have enough protection for prolonged streaks. Of course we usually only notice the Low streaks when casting. But I've had several low rolls on Depart saves, having had 5 Foundables in a row resist the first cast & leave.

    I know they fixed something with the wild Foundables during the second half of the first HP Brilliant event. Whatever they did to fix the long low roll streaks on the wild Foundables there, should be used Generally in both casting and stay/depart RNG rolls.

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    yeah, that stuck RNG for sure.

    great great great masterful great masterful good good masterful great great great great good great great great masterful

    you start to wish there were an "energy drink" potion as your spell energy counts down toward zero - and you just know you're going to end the encounter with little or no energy and there will be a red trace, and after your 40th cast at that low, you click the "run away" button so you have some reserve.

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