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    #9213 September, 2019, 06:10 am.

    @LeFayeofAlbion Don't stress about what I return. I'm retired and suffer from PTSD. It gets me out of the house and is pretty brain dead **** which I actually find sort of soothing.

    I'm right there with you on risk vs reward.

    I'd also like the random drops being more equitable. I understand RNG but my figures are consistently lower than some of the others.

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    @LeFayeofAlbion I agree that many of the rewards for completing the gold achievements are not that exciting, but that's okay. If you don't think it's worth it, don't try for them. The earlier rewards are better to serve as incentives to get you to do certain things in game. By the time you've done something enough to complete silver and work towards gold, you already know how the activity benefits your game play. They don't need to give spectacular rewards for completing gold, the activity itself is its own reward.

    To put it another way, if you aren't satisfied with the reward for using 500 brain elixrs then don't use them. If, on the other hand, you're going to keep brewing and using the brain elixrs because you like the extra xp they provide, then you'll eventually use 500 of them and at that point you'll probably enjoy an extra 20 coins.

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    @MtPollux that is not the point of this post. My point is that I live in a third world country and cannot spend irl money on things I would desperately need to continue to play in the game as easily as people in the first world countries can.

    I’m honestly tired of explaining this over and over. The brain elixir was just an example to show the discrepancy. I have used other examples like masterful spellcasts and walking 1000km.

    Between my health that doesn’t allow me to visit a fortress everyday to complete the daily achievements and the 10 gold, the ‘spawns’ that barely spawn, choosing to spend irl money on food rather than a vault extension, all the incentive I have is to quit playing the game pretty soon if things don’t change for the better. And I would personally hate to do that because I do love the game. I just wish that people understood that we are not all playing the game because we are gamers. Sure, the activity can be it’s own reward, but I actually continued to play the game because it helps with my depression and anxiety, then the fact that the game itself giving me anxiety over money doesn’t help.

    To put it another way, my meds for 10 days cost more than 2000 gold.

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    #9513 September, 2019, 03:16 pm.

    @dogbeans My stats have been gradually improving.


    • 211 foundables
    • 3 gold 1.42%
    • 3 potions 1.42%
    • 2 keys 0.95%
    • 1 dark detector 0.47%

    Overall: 3946 returns

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    #9613 September, 2019, 03:22 pm.

    @WerewolfChaser who’s dogbeans?? 😂😂😂 And what are those exactly? 😂😂 Anyhoo, yay! Hopefully that trend continues! Yesterday was a slow day for me again, did finally get one coin tho. Hopefully will get more this weekend, but currently fighting a cold, so I need my sleep too.

  • DogoutlawDogoutlaw Posts: 1,928 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #9713 September, 2019, 03:24 pm.

    @WerewolfChaser oh and I like that your coins and potions numbers are matching. Mine almost always match, so that at least is consistent between the two of us!

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    #9813 September, 2019, 03:25 pm.

    Oops at the name. May I please blame fat fingers?

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    #9914 September, 2019, 07:35 am.

    @LeFayeofAlbion I understand the point of this post, and I'm certainly not trying to minimize your real world financial concerns. I was responding to your comment about the risk vs reward for finishing gold achievements, so I don't feel that my comments were off base. I understand that it would be helpful for you to have more sources of coins to help you progress in the game, we all would. I just don't think "giving more stuff away for free" was the guiding philosophy of the game designers.

    For what it's worth, I do live in a first world country but am not able to spend real money on games. I have played since launch with only the coins I have been able to earn through game play. I am not trying to lecture you from a place of privilege and I apologise if that's how I came across.

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    @H4rdC4ndy I'd totally get an extension for seeds and water if it was 10. For 5? Heck no. I put all my gold into the vault extension..

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