RSBs included in the Adversary rewards

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in General Questions #1 latest comment 06 January, 2022, 12:29 pm.

Prior to the game finishing on 31st Jan, I would love to see some additional ways to get RSBs. Whilst I appreciate the recent change to daily rewards where we get one per day, now that the last Brilliant Event has concluded, there is no other way to get RSBs . Red books can be earned by **** fortresses or getting gifts or even placing images if you have SOS tree upgraded for those lessons. However, one of my last goals in the game, is to complete my third profession for which I need about 100 green books.

I am really happy with the generosity of all the gold and keys on the map and unicorn hair -these have been wonderful additions for the remainder of the game- I'm not complaining. But I can't do anything with all the gold, red books, field guides , ministry manuals, DADA books, scrolls without the RSBs: I'm not asking for them for free, but could we please earn them in wizarding challenges or Adversary Battles, or some other way before the end of the game. Please consider those of us who need Restricted Section Books to finish, not just those who require Wizard XP to get to max levels. I have been trying to help others with gifts and battling in fortresses to get red books and XP but no-one can help with green books. Pleeeeeeease!!

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