Life After Wizards Unite?????

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I've been playing this game everyday since it was released. Now I’m wondering what I’m going to play next? Anyone have any suggestions? Life is going to be so different not opening this game first thing in the morning.

Before this game I played Hay Day religiously, I tried to go back to it and it wasn’t the same feeling,

any new game suggestions please let me know.

thank you



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    #305 January, 2022, 03:16 am.

    Lol yeah that’s been me too @Rumpelstilzkin

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    Any game not run by Niantic.

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    Honestly I think for many of us long time players it may be time for a break. Go enjoy life. But if you insist, a few of my favorites are Bakery Story 2, NBA 2K, Minion Rush, and CSR Racing 2. And I also play Pokémon GO, but it is a Niantic game, up to you. Hope this helps!

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    LOL...after i come up for air ... I may look for another game NOT RUN BY NIANTIC😉

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    My sister has said she’ll be pursuing non-task-based games that keep the brain sharp and otherwise don’t demand so much time and so many resources.

    For my part, other than Myst and Riven back in the day, I’ve never been a huge gamer… I started playing this because a) I love the Harry Potter books and b) it gave my sister and I something to connect about during a difficult time. So I think I’m turning my attention going forward to language apps. I speak both Spanish and sign language marginally and would like to improve both. So I think that’s where my time and resources in the near future will most likely go as I’ve found good apps for both languages.

    Otherwise, if you do want other good game suggestions, I highly recommend checking out @XpectoGO . 💜✨

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    I'm using the Lumosity to keep my skills up and get my gaming fix. It is more than worth the cost. I have it on my phone and laptop.

    My 88-year-old mother can't live without it. She plays the games every day.

    It has quite a few games to challenge memory, flexibility, speed, attention, problem-solving, math, and language, many of which are super fun. Pick your favorites. You can spend as little as 15m a day or as much as you want with these.

    It keeps grafts on your improvement, gives suggestions to improve, and compares where you fit among others of your age group.

    I love trying to outdo my best and raise my percentiles. You can even set up a group by using the family plan (it's also cheaper), and keeping track of each other's play can stir a bit more competition. Lumosity rarely has any glitches in programming. Their customer service is 🙂user-friendly too! Unlike Niantic

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    Here’s a screenshot of XpectoGo answering this question on Instagram. If you’re not already, try following them on YouTube as well, as they’re always looking into the latest and greatest in… gaming content in general. 💜✨

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    @PsychoKitty5150 Last comment, I swear! (multi-tasking at work). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    So… full disclosure: I’ve also been playing Pikmin Bloom and it doesn’t have a whole lot going on, BUT:

    • It does motivate me to take walking breaks and…
    • it gives me a platform to continue to play with AR photography, which had become a surprise obsession for me in HPWU.

    The Pikmin are also super cute.

    So… I’ll probably continue to play PB as well. And with that, my barrage of comments for the day is up. (:

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