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I'm new to the game, and where I live there are plenty of things to get energy among other items, but unfortunately there's nothing to battle, nothing appears on the map. How to start things appearing on the map, as I'm new I don't know the names, but there's no way to level without things to do.

The screenshot below shows how my map looks all day long, empty, with nothing to do just in buildings.



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    #208 October, 2021, 02:39 pm.

    Uhm. Weird. I have seen places with foundables but no Inn, but the other way around, haven't seen this.

    You might want to restart a couple of times, it might take a while for foundables to show up (talking minutes); also make sure that you have stable GPS (for some reason the game might show you in one spot, but foundables might pop up away from you). Ideally, go outside and mabye restart the GPS. If still nothing shows up....

    ...well strictly you can use Tonics for trace detection (TTD) to spawn foundables, or drop Dark Detectors (DD) on the Inns to get some. HOWEVER, that is not sustainable and I would strongly recommend against playing like that.

    So, basically, if for some reasons there are no foundables in your area, I'd suggest to play a different game...

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    #308 October, 2021, 07:21 pm.

    "buildings" on map doesnt guarantee there are many spawns. but if there are ingredients spawns that is sign for others to spawns too.

    maybe its just because the "weather hazard" warning. the cloud thingy on your screen.

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    #408 October, 2021, 10:43 pm.

    Interesting predicament, usually I see people with no spawns no inns, or spawns and no inns. In this case you must be in a remote area, but have a great community that created all this POI also known as “Waypoints”. Sadly, at the time there is no solution for this, if you really don’t have spawns. The data that spawn points is dated to 2012, I think, and the spawns points also differ from Pokémon GO.

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