AS and Android OS… a question.

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Before I post things here, I try to see if topics have been covered already (so if someone has asked this before, I couldn’t find it). I know this may sound like a bananas question, but here goes:

Is it possible that the AdventureSync issue is originating at the Android OS end? Not the individual phones obviously, but could there be something different about how Android Mobile OS is interfacing with the HPWU game in particular? (compared to how Android mobile OS is interfacing with PoGo or Ingress)

My very basic understanding of Android Mobile OS is that it is an open-source platform, and beyond that I have zero idea if/how/why anything could cause it to glitch-out on a particular game.

But is it possible? I’m not a programmer and I’m not presuming to know, I’m really honestly curious. Because counter to some assertions that this is intentional, I can’t imagine why Portkey Games/Niantic would choose to alienate half of their player-base, and/or how doing so would make them money. It doesn’t make any sense!

Like I said, I know this may sound nutty. I’m not trying to be an apologist for Portkey/Niantic, I don’t know what their development culture is like and/or how their decisions are made…and I’m also not trying to inflame a tender topic that affects a lot of people. All I know is that something is missing here and it doesn’t make sense that they’d alienate half their player base on purpose.

If this topic has already been covered, please link me to the original threads? I did look to see if I could find anything…

Thanks in advance for any thoughtful responses, especially from folks who know about programming, etc. I just hope this gets resolved soon so people who want to, can enjoy the game!



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    Thank you thank you thank you for this response, @Drakonite. Explains** a lot.

    ** (but does not excuse…) 😞

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    The devs keep adding new content that nobody asked for, (e.g. the 1920's pages/events) so it seems unlikely that they want this app to die. At the same time they haven't been fixing bugs and haven't added the content that users have been begging for (e.g. lethal adversaries, knight bus invites...). The whole thing screams of incompetance, mismanagement and a callous disregard for users as opposed to anything intentional.

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    @SparkleLikeAGem Thanks for chiming in. I’ve felt dubious too, about this idea that they want to scrap the app. They’ve put way too much work into the story, the graphics (baby beasts alone, but so much more), and the encounter pass-through for the 1920s event portkeys is actually super cool, which makes me all the more eager to see it work for everyone!

    The more I see people talk about the underlying tech issues, the more I’m reminded of how complex (and new!) this all is. I don’t know if it’s so much incompetence as just that the global tech landscape is constantly changing and presenting new unforeseen challenges. To me the biggest problem is the lack of communication. Acknowledgment is powerful medicine, and so is its opposite. 😞

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    @Expelliarma7 The persistence of these bugs tells me either the people responsible to fix them are incomppetent, or mangement has understaffed and improperly priorititzed their work. The lack of communication also speaks to their disregard of users/customers.

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