Where is the PVP?

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Do you think we can expect to see some type of player versus player interactions in the game? What form of PVP would you like to see? Personally, I think Wizard Duels are a no brainer. Perhaps a system that allows us to trace whatever spells we want to cast at our opponent to add some strategy and skill? What do you think?



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    Not having PvP is such a no brainer.

    Both of Niantic's previous two efforts suffered from excessive cheating specifically because of the competition. By having all of the players cooperating instead of competing there is less motivation for people to cheat or to buy and sell professionally leveled accounts.

    My $0.02.

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    @Osprey1 What kind of cheating did PoGo have? I only recently started that game in preparation for Wizards Unite. I would hope Niantic could learn from the exploits of the past and improve going forward. Wizard duels are a big part of Harry Potter.

    I imagine a system where you can engage other players in battle and choose your own spells to cast based on the traces you decide to use. How cool would that be? Just an idea.

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    @Siragaz I think I PvP system might be an interesting idea to implement, maybe in the next future. While with PokemonGO it was ideally quite straightforward (and I enjoy it very much, basically is my main/only focus atm) I can't really say how it should be implemented.

    Pokemon was born as a game, with duelling in mind, the HarryPotter franchise not so much.

    The main problem would be to add some layer of strategy, but I fear that having 2 types of battles (fortresses and pvp) might be confusing.

    I think a good idea would be to have all spells available, knowing what they do and try to counter what the foe is throwing to us: like you see the opposing foe drawing something in the air, and you need to be quick to glance it and to counterthrow something useful. I don't really know, but something like that.

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    @Osprey1 I wouldn’t go so far as to say no brainer (for some perhaps, but not for most, not yet), but I am absolutely drawn to the concept of cooperation vs. competition. In fact, the way you expressed it “By having all of the players cooperating instead of competing” really made me stop and re-evaluate Player vs. Environment (PVE) against Player vs. Player (PVP). Now I’m thinking Artificial Intelligence could really find a home in the future of cooperative gaming. Leading edge, I’ll never look at PVE the same again, thank you.

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    @Siragaz In PoGo people would fake their location to take over gyms. They also used bots to level up accounts. Much of this was done to compete against other players by maintaining control of gyms

    I think that at this point HPWU has done an acceptable job of recreating wizard duels against NPC both in fortresses and oddities without resorting to PvP. I have similar thoughts about allowing more spell choice.

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    @ZookiTabooki I was just thinking about AI when I was replying to @Siragaz comment.

    Imagine facing a dark wizard oddity that knew you and grew in strength as you did. He constantly got better at defending against the spells you typically use or predicting your next move. Then imagine being able to team up with people to fight single or multiple of these custom AI NPCs.

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    Not every game needs PvP. There are thousands of other games for that. I'm tired of EVERY game having some PvPer think that's all that matters in every game. It's not.

    Allow me to counter your point - Where's the RP functionality?

    With that said (because it really is a pet peeve of mine), some sort of implementation of quidditch could be interesting.

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    After re-reading my above comment, it came off more 'aggressive' than I intended. My apologies for that. I get triggered when I see people asking for PvP because so many games are PvP-Centric (and have become unplayable for the RP communities because of it). So I tend to get a little heated. My intent, however, was not to be a complete **** in the above comment.

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    @Craeft I understand that but again, Wizard Duels are a big part of Harry Potter. Its not as though we would "shoe horn" in this concept to appease the PVP community. An optional PVP system could be a lot of fun. I wouldn't want anything too intrusive that forced everyone to participate but I think having the option available makes sense and could help the game appeal to a wider audience.

    I really like your idea of quidditch! That could be really cool too!

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    @Siragaz - These forums are being weird for me (not submitting posts, some needing approval, canceling out what I type, etc).

    I want to start by saying that I tried to submit an apology post for my above comment. After re-reading it, it came off more rude than I intended. The term "PvP" is a trigger term for me because I've seen PvP take over too many games and ruin them so I get a little defensive. Sorry about that.

    As to your point, I have absolutely ZERO problem with a PvP aspect to the game as along as it's not required for achievements or game progression. Most MMOs already always make PvP-centric and end up making RPers purchase micro-transactions to play their playstyle. It's just really frustrating. So as long as any implemented PvP aspect doesn't affect game progression or achievements, I'm down.

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    @Craeft I play this game a lot with my wife. We really love the cooperative aspect of it...but you know sometimes, I think she may want to just "Ebublio" me when I go on one of my gaming rants lol.

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    LOL - Fair point.

    Fair point, indeed.

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    To add to my previous point, any reward in PvP should be a PvP specific item (perhaps even its own inventory for PvP items - not useable in PvE) rather than achievements. That way, non-PvPers don't feel obligated to PvP just to get an achievement. I think that would be a fair technique to maintain inclusivity.

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