Adventure sync , freezing, and other issues

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Getting very annoyed with adventure sync issues (prob the most) not getting lookeded at [Android] It is especially obnoxious for events like the 1920s events when I really need it for the disappearing portmanteaus...

I cannot keep my screen locked on Wizards Unite the whole time I am walking...even if I could minimize the app go into a few other things and unminimize and let it add distance ...It would yell at me for driving and even selecting I am not... it assumes I am a passenger and then I do not get distance. [By the way also happens if I walk fast??? Come on shouldn't recognize until at least 12 account for running]

We have freezing multiple times during battles which means I lose a ton of potential exstimulo and health potions + energy that took forever to save up... also should be some protection against last second 4 people leaving a room and now I have 20 creatures to fight or lose runestone(not huge deal unless a 5 bc I have plenty but.. if I don't notice people are gone [or sometimes frozen] and I start fighting then realize people have dropped mid battle or they were froze who knows no way of really knowing...I at this point could have already lost up to 10 potions before realizing I have no help/not a chance of beating the room even being max level and even if I use all potent potions...

Losing say 5 potent 5 health in that case is like losing a full day of potion making with 1 cauldron (even more upset if I paid for extra cauldron because I was hoarding before an event and I don't want to message support everytime...)

It's been mentioned on here several times that spell energy gifts are freezing and requiring restarts ...and unless you delete gifs to give in a round about way I figured also can freeze screen/make you click out click back in to delete more gifts.

Adversaries are also occasionally causing freezing and partial potion loss or restarts/ going to portmanteau screen occasionally will tell me GPS signal lost and force a restart.

Not sure if this is an issue or a feature but are adversaries [sometimes purples with wand fighting] supposed to come back to life? Occasionally respawning with a small amount of health would make me think feature...but sometimes they respond 0 health which makes me think error especially when 1/3 the time it response with 0 health it freezes and your game freezes and forces a restart...again losing potions if you used them [happens with dragons frequently]

Kind of curious why you guys keep reclassifying the color beams [which occasionally wrong category pops up btw 100% positive] and thus degree of "difficulty " which btw sometimes makes absolutely no sense whatsoever 😉 ...and are obviously not profession sorted which is something 🤔 maybe should be considered because the light beam color would likely differ based on profession...I e If I am playing an auror none of those purples should be red beamed really... [yes, I see the whole underlying points/difficulty under creatures if you click arrow...but still should change by profession. )

Your weather occasionally is misguided... so though I appreciate Niantic not wanting people storm chasing to finish an event...

It effects the number of pink potion spawns even indoor during an event...

And sometimes it thinks my weather is bad when it totally is perfectly fine and so barely any spawns and this has happened during multiple events. Once on a one day event which especially sucked because I drained every pink potion. What if there was a question box below it where we could eliminate the warning. "I'm okay weather is great," "I understand thanks!" " recheck weather conditions optimal here..." and cancel out the minimizing [or in my area pretty much eliminating of] spawns...

Sometimes I am clicking an a battle when part of the storyline bubbles pop up...nice to have a spot to go back and read those if we missed it...or missed an event in general and want to read...I know Niantic doesn't do Hogwart's Mystery but they recently created a " book" for this. It eventually is supposed to allow the spending of coins to retrigger missed events as well....which would be nice in Wizards Unite because A) you guys would profit because a bunch of us OCD people are completionists 🙄 to the point of stupidity...B) people wouldn't drop the game being pissed about restricted section books being so low...They may be just impatient enough to pay coins to retrigger a missed event though where they could have earned them [and red] ...coins at least gives everyone a fairshot at eventually getting to retrigger a missed event because of gold gifts/random coins/daily coins. C) retrigger event abilities help when you get screwed because your ap won't spawn stuff bc of "weather" incorrect or otherwise and there is an event going on.....or maybe you fell asleep and oh I don't know slept through waking up to do the last sos task of competing in highest chamber bc you had been waiting on a couple more potent potions to brew after losing too many to people dropping last second... and you woke up 3 minutes after the event closed 🙄🤣...pretty sure that would make a few people mad...I'd like to have my last check mark there...

Just a few comments complaints and constructive criticism for Niantic... A little light reading from an avid player with what would be over 10,000 km if you guys had fixed the Adventure Sync

...I seriously will personally continue to bug your tech support on this one just saying 😉👍


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