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Currently sponsored locations are essentially just normal locations and are really set up for the large scale chain.

I propose a new kind of sponsored locations for those of the single nerdy quirky so that would like to get in on this. Allow shops to setup their own shop cauldrons and create and sell potions to players. They can discount potions vs Niantic store but would still be limited to what they can craft so they would have to strike a balance on their own. This would create an incentive for players to visit their location and presents various other opportunities for mutual benefit of the sponsored location. For instance they could have an event to bring in customers during a low traffic time, have dark detectors, themed goods for sale by the business, and maybe they give a potion pack to their customers for coming in. This requires management on a level that att will not do. It also requires trading. However, for a gaming bar downtown it would be fantastic.

Side note: these locations would need ingredients and so would likely essentially create a questing system for people to get what they need.

If this is combined with my food idea, You can have actual restaurants become restaurants in the game.



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    #204 August, 2019, 12:32 pm.

    I realized I should explain a couple more points.

    How does this work for Niantic? Rented cauldrons. I myself have never seen a reason why I would ever rent a cauldron or buy potions. The sponsored business would essentially live on rented cauldrons. The economics would also de facto be flexible allowing prices to better correspond to where things are at the local level. Selling 2 items for 20gold each is not as good as 5 at 50. However, in game there is the single price. If something could sell better at a higher price in a different location, Niantic misses out on that end as well.

    How does this work for the business? Part is the traffic driver (for this the business also has a mutual interest to promote the game!), However, the more critical part is what brings more reality to the AR game. Lets say it is a bar. They have a themed cocktail that if you buy, they give you the corresponding potion. There are interesting opportunities here to make the whole experience more fun.

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    Both Ingress and Pokemon GO already had something like that. If I had to guess, either there is already contactual talks (obviously NDA'ed) OR the game isn't popular enough yet for companies to actively approach Niantic.

    That being said, I don't see why Niantic would say "no" to a "sponsored" location idea if there is sufficient value for both parties.

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    @Lucoire I think you might have misunderstood me. There is no implementation like this. Currently sponsored locations are essentially like any other location in the game. It is 100% automated and the location does not have any real involvement in the game. The pricing also likely means any non major corporate sponsored is essentially priced out or even if they could afford it, the payback in the current implementation is essentially nil. If a bar is already an inn, why would they care to be a sponsored inn?

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    #504 August, 2019, 08:30 pm.

    You mentioned that sponsored locations are 100% automated... where did you get that info? Can you pinpoint me into the direction of the source for that?

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    @Ginnungagap I think you may have misunderstood me. There are lots of places out there that already are POI, most of those have been added by players (more precisely "suggested" by players and then added after review).

    There are some exceptions though. A Company called "Circle-K" (brand of convenience stores) partnered with Niantic and (after a contract and - maybe - some money) all of their stores were transformed into POI. Additionally, they had an ingame-item in Ingress named after them.

    The same happened for "AXA" (an Insurance Brand), "Softbank" (a Japanese Industry Conglomerate), MUFG (a bank) and Lawson (also a convenience store chain) - all of them had their outlets turned into POI and an Ingame-Item in Ingress named after them.

    For PokemonGO, Niantic partnered with a chain of Malls - called "Uniball Rodamco" (which resulted in lots of Pokestops being added - that had non-stop lock-modules - the PoGO-Version of "Dark Detectors" - on them during the opening times of the Mall). I think, there was also a Partnership with Starbucks (but I'm not entirely sure)... there was a branded drink, free wifi, all of their outlets in the states turned into POI - that sort of deal (which - if I understand correctly - is something like what you suggested, only smaller in scale)

    As far as I know, all "partnered POI" are a result of a contractual process and (also as far as I know) all of them are added by Niantic as part of the Contract.

    It is also noteworthy that - after the partnership with AXA ended - the ingame-item was renamed and all POI associated with the Insurance Brand were removed again.

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    #704 August, 2019, 10:01 pm.

    Currently sponsored locations are essentially just normal locations and are really set up for the large scale chain.

    This is not entirely true.

    AT&T sponsored locations will give you $150 of game items if you switch. This is supposedly done through a qr code you would be given after the switch and scan inside the game at a sponsored inn.

    Cricket is running a travel sweepstakes that you can supposedly enter via the app at a sponsored fortress, not that I've been able to crack the nut on that one.

    I'm not aware of any bonuses for Simon locations.

    The sponsored inns are supposed to be more generous. The sponsored fortresses have a harder level of difficulty.

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    Apparently, my previous attempt is up for review and I think I understand why. So here's the edited version:

    Hey! Hey hey hey!! Hey! Wait a minute @Osprey1 - not to run off topic but... HEY!

    How the h__l did you quote?!


    Did I say "HEY?"!

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    It's in the formatting options (the paragraph symbol.)

    I just copied and pasted what I wanted to quote. - Abraham Lincoln

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    Apparently, "[email protected]" is also a trigger for review.

    Meh... you'll get my post eventually.

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    @Lucoire you just listed a bunch of chains becoming poi. This is exactly what I am saying. There is nothing really special about them. There are businesses that are already POIs. What good would becoming a sponsor do for them?

    @Osprey1 I don't find entering people in sweepstakes or allowing them to scan a qr code to be engagement with the community. It's simply another avenue for the same advertisements they already have one discounts on phones for switching or in store sweepstakes.

    I am proposing stores that run actual stores in game. They would be a true part of the game. If they don't make stuff to be in the store there is nothing in the store. ATT and Simon malls pay money and then sit back and don't do anything. They have no reason or care to be part of the community. A local bookshop on the other hand might if they had a means to ACTUALLY engage with the game. The bookshop may ALREADY BE AN INN! However they have no tools to be creative in joining the shop with the AR game.

    I've seen my local bars try where they had a put up on their website a Pokemon costume and theme night. They put lures on their pokestop. However niantec has no tools for them to truly engage in the game. They can only do what they can as players. It is a missed opportunity on Niantec's side.

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    #1205 August, 2019, 04:37 am.

    Ok, I get what you are saying now.

    It seems like a huge management nightmare for Niantic though. Essentially anyone could claim to be a local business and then start churning out whatever for themselves at a discount.

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    #1305 August, 2019, 12:38 pm.

    As @Osprey1 mentioned, the potential for abuse is quite substantial with your idea. That being said, I do like the idea in general but - based on my experience with PokemonGO - when there's potential for abuse within the game, there will be abuse. Sounds cynical and it is.

    To give you an example of that:

    • PokemonGO players of L40 may suggest new POI.
    • Niantic has set up lots of rules what a good POI is about, things like "safe access by pedestrians" or "sufficiently public" (as opposed to "on private, single-family residential property") or "is of recreational, educational, cultural or artistic value"
    • The overwhelming number of POI-Suggestions by PoGO Players have been fake, photoshopped or (even worse) misplaced LEGIT POI to a position only they can access - like to the location of their couch. There has been a substantial corruption of the "POI submission system" by Pokemon GO players.

    But as I said before, I like your idea, it's ambitious and could do a lot of good for both the community and the partners... but I doubt that this idea will ever come to be.

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    @Osprey1 @Lucoire

    I think the chance for abuse is smaller than you might think for a couple different reasons.

    First, Niantec spun out of Google, it is rather easy for the database check on the address to determine if it is a business and what type (if you've ever used Google maps api, you get WAY more information than you might expect).

    Second, these are still sponsored. That means the business still has to pay money. In my example, that was in being able to rent multiple cauldrons. This is something players can already do (albeit singular)! So it would be hard to disrupt any balance here.

    The thing that makes it worthwhile to the business is what they can do with it to your in to their real life business in order for people to spend money there. This could be through promoting themed cocktail at a bar, special hello beans at a local drive in, or some other way to add to the business they already had. The idea is to add value on both sides of the equation in a win win. If I am going to go out and drink at a bar, why not go to one which is an inn that puts up their own dark detectors and when I order a cocktail they give me a potion in the game? To the bar, the expense is minimal and works for multiple patrons. For me it is a reason to choose that bar vs another one.

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