Abundance of new special events

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in Game Events #1 latest comment 04 September, 2021, 11:46 pm.

I've really enjoyed playing the game, even when my portkeys couldn't be walked off, and so I couldn't complete many of the events. But now I'm finding that there are SO MANY new events, one right after another, that it is getting a little stressful, and you don't have time to prepare and brew up potions for the upcoming event. Many of my friends found it a bit much when we had a new event every couple of weeks, and now it is bang, bang, bang, the moment one ends, the next starts. It would be nice to have a little breathing space in between.

I know several friends who have stopped playing, or are skipping many events altogether. Since I can only find adversaries and confoundables on a crowded beach nearby, I find it is specially not suitable at this time, when we are trying to social distance.

It would be really nice if you would bring back the earliest events (I didn't start the game till about an year after it was launched, as my old phone did not allow for the app.), and I would love to have a chance to play these old events so I can get completion. Also, friends who did start right at the start said they didn't realize all they had to do for completion of each event, so they would like to have them back as well, so they could complete them.

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