Before the Knight Bus…

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Does anyone remember what we did before the Knight Bus? I’m not trying to be funny, the last 18 months have just been a blur I think…

Before the Knight Bus, in order to complete a fortress challenge, we had to physically go find a fortress. For me that would mean at the park, or our local community center… and the only way we could play with multiple people in a fortress chamber would be for someone to physically be there with us, playing in the same fortress.

Because of this, and not knowing any local players, I learned to play the game mostly on my own… I have a sister who lives far away who also plays this game with a friend, so when we would get together once or twice a year, I would have a chance to actually see what it was like to fortress battle with other players (this is also how I advanced to DarkV).

Then the Knight Bus came along. It made it possible to network with random players. This has been a good thing, and often a very challenging thing. Right?

I have had my share of complaints with the glitches, the lost potions and runestones… when I am bounced out of a fortress battle… but it just occurred to me today to remember that the Knight Bus is pretty new!

So… what did we do before the Knight Bus was a thing? How has it made the game better and how has it been more frustrating than people expected?

Good questions to think of while we wait for glitch fixes to come along, I’d say…



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    #202 September, 2021, 09:16 pm.

    PS: another question/comment… the Knight Bus has also allowed people to fortress battle who live in rural areas or areas without access to local fortresses, for whatever reason.

    I just think it’s a great thing and a monumental effort to create and maintain… and since I don’t play Pokémon Go, I don’t have anything to compare it to. It just reminds me to take a breath if the fortress chambers aren’t working perfectly I guess. And I think that’s the point of my post.

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    #402 September, 2021, 09:32 pm.

    Haahahaha thanks @Drakonite, I agree! I don’t want to go back either… and I’m SO CURIOUS about the possibility of being able to invite people to play in the fortress, because the last time I tried networking with my sister and her friend (where we’d do that thing where we try to find each other in the chamber), we couldn’t do it! Spent over an hour trying. We had to give up. So the idea of being able to invite people is like… *clouds part / angels siiiiiinnng* hahaha

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    #502 September, 2021, 10:07 pm.

    I'm in a wheelchair so before the knight bus the only way I could do challenges was when I was driven to a physical fortress, so I missed out on so many RSBs during the first events because of it and was missing so many fragments and had very few spellbooks too. The knight bus allowed me to catch up and finally finish professor and now the other two as well. I echo the other complaints about connection errors and beaconing but without the knight bus it was pretty much unplayable for me. I would uninstall so fast if they took it away. Portkeys are hard enough for me😂

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    #602 September, 2021, 11:09 pm.

    yeah me too solo, been to cities around me and others none traces of other players (some clue in local fortresses or greenhouses). dont think anyone playing except maybe the capital city.

    early brilliant events i'm not even play fully finishing the tasks as now i'm still short on green books for completing essential calamity/SOS lessons

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    #703 September, 2021, 03:54 am.
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    #803 September, 2021, 10:44 am.

    @CBG92 and @Kodokmag — thanks for that perspective! This is really the first game I’ve been into for a long time (if you know what I mean by the word “Myst” for instance), so sometimes I feel like my expectations of the game are different than folks who do a lot of A/R and network gaming. We all want the game to be as glitch-free as possible (I’ve done my share of venting 🙄), but sometimes we take for granted the complexity of the programming involved to make something so playable for people around the world who are all coming at the game with different challenges, connectivity issues, local availability, etc.

    @Drakonite that graphic is amazing, thanks! We did everything except for hopping to Diagon Alley and changing-professions… I never tried those things! Hmmmm…

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    #903 September, 2021, 12:13 pm.

    I live in a pretty big city and have a Fortress like 200 m away from where I live. The main reason to use it was to do the daily challenge quest, which wasn't too much work. I don't think I ever met anybody else at the fortress, though. That said, occasionally you would see activity in other nearby fortresses, I just never felt to check who that was.

    When a relevant quest came around, I'd walk out to a fortress and quickly defeat the 15 foes or what have you. Originally, I never did the "bonus assignments" to BEs, I don't recall if they had the typical "Do one challenge in your highest chamber" but if they had, that would have been a show stopper for me (that said, since my wife also plays, we have a somewhat easier time to clear higher chambers together, if that ever was necessary).

    For the first CD in which you needed to do a bunch of chambers in increasing difficulty, we met with a couple of friends to go to a place near a fortress where you could get brunch and we did the tasks there. That was about the most fun I ever had in this game, but given that everybody else stopped playing this will likely not be a thing anymore.

    With the KB, I save the 200 m walk (yay), and finding something to do D5 for event tasks is easier. I find it extremely - erm - suboptimal that there is no feature to easily do a challenge with friends (I mean, my wife and I sit on the same couch, but it still takes a hilarious amount of time to find each other, only to press on "x" by mistake after the first chamber... we typically don't bother).

    I wonder what will happen with fortresses in the future. Right now they are pretty superflous. Ok, with the exception that there it is actually easy to play with friends when they are present. Not sure how relevant that is at this point, though.

    That said, I always kind of felt that the fortress concept (where all fortresses are the same and you can do whatever you want to do at a fortress indefinitely) doesn't match too well with a game that is about walking around...

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    #1003 September, 2021, 05:06 pm.

    just to be clear: to do the change professions in KB, you need 2 devices.

    main device goes in diagon alley

    2nd device powers up logs in game (saame acct ofc) goes changes profession shut down phone then get out of DA in main phone. You can use same method to open/delete/send gifts and place images, BUT dont get out of DA in main phone until 2nd one is off or you'll be thrown back in the map.

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    #1104 September, 2021, 04:47 pm.

    @Drakonite thank you, and…

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    #1206 September, 2021, 01:18 pm.

    @HalloMami — I hear you on that. This is meant to be a game about walking around, but we have to stop walking for fortresses (and also for Adversaries ITW if we don’t want to lose them, right?). And that’s helpful to know that even when sitting on the same couch, you can’t find each other in the Knight Bus! I thought the reason my sister and I couldn’t locate each other recently had to do with the distance between us (about a thousand miles).

    It would be sweet to be able to invite friends into a KB battle instead of having to go through all the acrobatics of jumping in and out of chambers just so and HOPING you’ll find each other. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    #1306 September, 2021, 06:59 pm.

    Before the Knight Bus, I was unable to complete a lot of the daily assignments because there's none within walking distance of where I travelled to at the time. Also, I was not able to complete the SOS assignment requiring that I do fortress challenge with 3(?) teammates before the Knight Bus.

    I have not gone home except for a day since the pandemic, and enjoying the fact that I am at the moment within walking distance of inns, greenhouses, and a sponsored fortress. I will mourn when my son moves out of this house because his work place is moving much further away after he gets back to working in the office. Especially since I have been missing going to the cafe after the gym and playing the sponsored fortress close by there.

    I do miss meeting up with a friend to play fortress challenges with since we could not connect in the Knight Bus. Maybe next month after I get my third shot, I will be able to visit her and go to a park's fortress to see if we can tackle Dark Chamber V.

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    @Djea I hear that. I miss playing with my sister but she lives 1000 miles away. I hope you’re able to get to a local fortress with your friend soon too. I know there’s nothing that compares to that. ☺️

    All in all, though, the Knight Bus has so drastically impacted gameplay, I can barely remember what it was like beforehand. It’s hard to believe it’s still such a new addition to the game…

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