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I am unable to link my account with my Gmail because I accidently created an account using it. Can I please get this straightened out. I would like to link gmail to my game. Thank you.

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    Hi @Beccaboo321 This might require a few extra steps and a different/ new Facebook account that you don't need.

    To unlink your Google Account:

    1. Once you have this new Facebook account, log in to the accidentally created new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite account
    2. Go to in-app settings > Legal/ help and add the new Facebook as the backup login method (Note: Newly created Facebook accounts won't be able to immediately link with any games. You may have to wait for a few hours.)
    3. Re-login to this new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite account, but using the newly added Facebook login method
    4. Go to in-app settings > Legal/ help and un-link the Google account

    To link your Google Account:

    1. You need to use your Current Facebook Account to access "Beccaboo321" (Note: Do not use the Google account just yet!)
    2. Go to in-app settings > Legal/ help and add your Google account as the backup login method

    You should be all set after following these steps. Let me know if you need more help. Cheers!

    Articles you may find helpful: Account Linking

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    This does not work! I tried this several times. Yet they said it’s linked to another account, which is not true.

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