The Combat Professions don't match up

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in Community Forum Feedback #1 latest comment 28 August, 2021, 12:42 am.

It's bugged me sense day one but, I know it would take a lot of coding changes. Leaving everyone confused or loose progress. I feel Magizoolgist and Auror are wrong. I play mostly as a Professor and feel a little god tier, with all my spells costing way to much! Magizoolgist spells focus more on healing and Auror focus more on beast taming. I've always thought this was a mistake that was to late to fix.

Back to the spell cost. Everyone elses spells cost them one focus energy while Professors have to spend three focus energy. Why can't Auror's transfer more focus energy? My group tried doing that but it takes so long for our Auror to give me them one at a time, that I started hoarding strong invigoration draught (the potion that gives you 3 Focus energies).

Again, I know this can't be fixed. But it feels good to vent it out to others.

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