BUG Report: Claiming Gifts

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I encountered a bug when attempting to claim an Extravagant Spell Energy gift. While claiming Energy gifts, my Spell Energy capacity had apparently reached its limit, and when I attempted to claim another Extravagant Spell Energy gift, the game froze. I had to do a hard reset. Upon reloading the game, the Energy gift had disappeared, but no Energy had been credited to my Spell Energy Storage.



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    This happens regardless of whether your Spell Energy capacity is exceeded. Only Spell Energy or Extravagant Spell Energy gift cause the game to freeze, every time they are opened. Credit is given for the gift, but the game must be restarted. Wizarding XP gifts and all other gifts still open normally.

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    Same here- I am having an issue opening gifts from my friends . I have tried different friends and tried opening them straight from the list and also by opening the friend first and then opening the gift. I click open and then it eventually boots me out of the game. I can give gifts not receive them. Also when the gift remains there unable “unopened” so that the friend is not able yo send another

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    Same here, it kicks me out when I try to open any spell energy.

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