I forgot to claim my prizes

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I forgot to claim my prizes in the last part of the latest Adversaries event. I have asked the support to help me but they refuse 100 %. Since they helped so many players to get past difficult assignments this request of mine seems rather moderate, dont you think. Shame on you Niantic! I have asked the support to delete my account since the rules in this game seems to bee discriminating.



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    #222 July, 2021, 06:40 am.

    @BlackHoleKings you are confusing 2 different things. Completing tasks during an event (which does not give the task reward if done) is rarely done and only for significant problems with the game. Awarding the rewards after an event is completed has never been done at all for any player.

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    Several player has been helped, during an event, with spell tasks that they have felt been to difficult, in order to be able to complete the whole event. I think this is unfair to us other player who complete the tasks by our own without help. If the support is able to help in these matter it shold be possible, in a fairness opinion in order to treat everybody equal, to help in my situation, which is not a help completing a specifik task but only to recover completed tasks which I unfortunately forgot to claim before the event closed. If im not helped in this matter Im leaving this game here and now.

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    Happened to me before as well. Even more I several times forgot to claim all daily quests even though I did them. I would never have even thought about writing to support for what is obviously my own mistake.

    Yes, support can mark quests as done. But this only ever happened when there was either an technical issue with the program, or (in one specific case) players complaining that they can't physically complete a task (which again is not the players fault).

    I fail to see how the instances where support helped are comparable to you making an (easy to avoid) mistake. Where would this stop? I couldn't complete the event either because I was on vacation during the time. So, not even my mistake, but obviously the developers because they scheduled the event like this, right? Should I ask support to give me the rewards as well?

    Besides, the rewards weren't particularly great to begin with...

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    I'm not sure if you really expect this post to get results or if you're just venting @BlackHoleKings. It will not get a response from anyone official. Enjoy the free time you will gain by not playing this game anymore.

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