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What are good gifts for players at high levels? I read there are some things that can't be used at all at Level 60. Thx - Gahhhhhh.



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    #228 April, 2021, 07:35 pm.

    Hey @Gahhhhhh, welcome to the forum.

    Players at level 60 have zero use for xp gifts. They most likely also don't need brain elixir potion or ingredient gifts (some level 60 players haven't yet finished the achievement for using 500 brain elixirs, so they may still want them for that. But you wouldn't know this unless you could ask them, so it's best not to send these gifts to them unless they actually ask for them.)

    Beyond that, everyone has different preferences. Various people have made different posts about "don't ever send people these types of gifts", but that's all based on what that player thinks is important. Different players have different needs, so there's no hard and fast rule other than that level 60 players no longer need xp.

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    high level player with high SOS score (assuming spell mastery and family mastery are high enough to easily capture) probably dont want dawdle potion/ingredient gift and because the 2 enhancement attack bonus for professor is always active now (isn it?) dawdle draught potion become less desired in gifts.

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