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in The Knight Bus #1 latest comment 05 April, 2021, 04:58 pm.

I have seen users switch professions by rejoining the same bus in a blink (literally a second or less). Although I love to think this is a feature that should exist, I am pretty sure it does not. Which raises the concern. Are testers or "other" (trainers or hackers) on the game? If this is an exploit just to change professions on the knight bus it should get looked into and implemented.. .



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    #205 April, 2021, 01:30 pm.

    No, this is users who have mastered 2 or 3 professions (day 1 players who havent missed a single brilliant event etc, like me) who also have a 2nd device. What you do in that case is this:

    1. Go with your main device in KB in the basket up right (diagon alley)
    2. power up 2ndary device and login (with same acct) in combat training and switch to the profession you want (lots of reasons why, your group found you and they/you need auror instead of magi/prof etc, or b/c you keep finding a lot of same profession and none of ie: magiz/prof and you want to do a game with 'randoms' (non friends' list peeps))
    3. logoff and shutdown 2ndary device.
    4. get out of diagon alley back into the KB's floor selection
    5. you can go straight into the floor you want but there runs a small chance that the bus will think you are still the previous profession (ie: auror) for 1 battle, so most ppl who do this do:
    6. go in ruins 1 w a rune you dont mind wasting, go into battle do a single foe then flee the battle and:
    7. join the floor you wanted/group w friends etc

    There are....diverging opinions if this is in or against TOS but I doubt anyone's gonna get banned for this since theyre not exploiting a bug to gain more of a currency (ie: make 20 redbooks instead of 10) or such. But when you might have beaconed and searched for 20-60+ minutes to find your group/friends or might have hopped on and off (empty) buses to find a group for randoms to do a task (Ie; win highest chamber) and you finally find a bus you dont leave it to change profession when it might take you another 20-60+ mins to re-find either...

    They need to give us an official way to find friends in bus (friends' list free invites) and/or a way to click on our profession icon in waiting lobby and switch it there.

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    #305 April, 2021, 04:58 pm.

    There's been some sort of mention of an unsanctioned approach using a second phone to do the profession change while the first is still on the bus (probably can't be in a chamber waiting room).

    I don't think there's likely to be any foul play going on by that type of route - I'd rather time was spent adding in a switching feature rather than spent on stopping people being able to do this...

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