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So , i start playing the game 2 weeks ago.

I watch some videos and read some information on how to progress ... im at lvl 26 now, auror with 13 994 "points", i always have my cauldrons working , collect a lot of traces... but with this last event (Dragons one) i feel like , im missing something or the events isnt for me.

I pass the first opponent but i barely pass the second one and when i do ...i dont have more potions to use on dragon battle.

its normal from my low lvl or im missing something?

Maybe because the game dont get a lot of new players daily, most of the youtubers/reddits make all the high level info/tips.

Last question ...its normal i barely see any player on night bus chambers ? i dont know that if we do it with randons or friends but i already add some from various sites and still ...empty almost all day.

Ty to all and sorry for the wall of text



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    #204 April, 2021, 07:36 pm.

    adversaries arent rly for new players or players who have not at least finished their 1st profession plan and started on adversarial plan, you'll waste a ton of potions for little result, id say try and get 1-2nd guardians and skip archfoe just to get some pictures placed and some DADA to unlock what you need in your sos trees.

    Archfoes will start being easier/doable/manageable when you finish your 1st profession tree (auror fundamentals one), until then id recommend skipping after 1st-2nd guardian.

    And yes, WB has been horrible at running this game and the players are leaving in groves which in addition to all the bugs and how the KB is 'organised' leaves the few remaining searching endlessly empty busses for ppl to fort with. I'd recommend finding yourself one (or more) of the discord knight bus server(s) (googlable) so you can fort w friends (there's a system with beacoming and searching, ppl in said discords will/can explain) so you can have a group to play with and advance your red books acquisition faster.

    Good luck!

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