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In the SOS Training for Calamity Essentials 1, there are lessons that you can master that allow you to receive spell books from treasure trunks. For example Monster Book 1st edition says "allows Care of Magical Creatures treasure trunks the chance to reward you with a spell book". I am curious has anyone ever received a spell book after mastering this lesson? I have mastered it for 3 different families over 2 months ago and haven't received a spell book as a reward for any of the ones that I have.



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    @AliasPoisonIvy The drop rate is low, but yes, I have received Spell Books from opening trunks.

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    if you have low resources try to unlock the oddities one (have to unlock 2 other family i think).

    because red flares oddities (the dogs and sometimes the horned serpent) are regular spawns (usually daily there must spotted) than the other family red flares. and "capturing" oddities is pretty much simpler than the others family as long as you learnt the profession lesson properly.

    combined this with trace charm and you will have a steady stream of oddities trunk daily (maxed red flares oddities only need 10 fragments).

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    As luck would have it, just got rewarded another:

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    I have this lesson mastered for Hogwarts school family, care of magical creatures, magical games and sports, mysterious artifacts, and oddities. I've still not yet received a spell book from the treasure trunks, but I did receive one from a gift which was pretty awesome.

    Thanks for the feed back, I will keep my fingers crossed 🤞

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    There was a bug where unlocking the CoMC node actually led to drops from the Magizoology trunks (which are easily missed if you’re not looking out for them) ... not sure if that was ever fixed!

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