Can't get adventure sync workig

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Hi, I wanted to play Harry Potter: Wizard Unite, but when I search for the game in Google Play Store, it said: This app is not compatible with your device. So I searched in App Galery and successfully downloaded and installed it. Everything but the Adventure sync works fine. I searched for this topic plenty of advice, without success. I tried to give all permissions to the game, google fit and google, I assured that there is no other "fitness tracking" app on my phone and that google fit is connected with the game. I also assured that I'm signed to my HUAWEI ID with the same e-mail as in google. I disabled battery optimizations for google fit, google, and the game, and I disabled battery saver. Also, the phone is allowed to track my location using GPS, data, and Wi-fi. The game is fully closed during walking, only google fit is is working, and I'm sure, that it measures well and my speed is less than 10km/h. The game has background data allowed and the adventure sync option in the game is of course enabled (and battery saver disabled (just to be on the safe side)). But still, even after 24 hours nothing from my google fit steps synced with the game.


Can these issues be caused because the game is not downloaded from google play? Is there any way to download it from there? Because it is surely compatible with my device (which is Huawei LDN-L21) when I can download it from other sources. Or is there any other option I can try to get adventure sync work?



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    I just realized, that my phone has no gyroscope in it and gyro is part of the minimum requirements of the game. It is probably the reason, why Google Play says my device is not compatible. But it looks like a gyroscope is needed only for AR mode in traces and opening portkeys and I have AR mode disabled anyways (because it is draining my battery too much and I don't want to spin my phone in every possible direction in the middle of the street), so it shouldn't be a problem.

    I think that the gyroscope should not affect the adventure sync feature, so why it is not working?

    By the way it would be great, if Google Play allowed devices without gyro for HPWU, because it is obviously working even without having one.

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    HPWU andventure sync takes the distance that Google Fit says you have walked. Google Fit uses the gyroscope/accelerometer to count your steps by measuring how your phone jiggles as you walk, and then it converts each step into a small distance traveled.

    Ny gyroscope, no Google Fit, no adventure sync.

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    I have done all of the same things as @unipopcorn123 with my Samsung note 8 and still can't get my adventure sync to work. It's infuriating.

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    I can't get AdventureSync working again on my Samsung S8 running Android Version 9. It was working until I requested AdventureSync in Pokemon Go a few months ago. I was hoping the recent update would solve the problem, but it hasn't. Even re-installed HPWU today in the hope that a fresh copy of the game would solve the problem, but no. Nothing. No adventure sync.

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    @SparkleLikeAGem But Google Fit seems to count my steps and walked distance properly. I tested it a lot and every time I have got quite accurate results. There was a deviation of like 1 step per 100 steps and the measured distance is accurate too.

    I think that the only problem is in syncing data from Google Fit with HPWU.

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    @SparkleLikeAGem Is there any "flag" or something for steps gained on the device without gyro in the Google Fit? Or some similar mechanism, that indicates possibly inaccurate data and thus prevents HPWU from progress sync?

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    Thing is that adventure sync is supposed to work with any activity. Like, you don't have to move around; there are devices that simply rock your phone and that also counts. This clearly can't work with GPS as the phone doesn't actually move around, but rather relies on the gyro.

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    @HalloMami So Google Fit works fine and counts my steps using an accelerometer sensor only but HPWU doesn't sync it because I have no gyro? It still doesn't make sense to me, there must be some way to make it work.

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    This issue first appeared mid-December 2020. It is a known issue. In fact, it was known to be such a critical functionality that they paused all events so they could resolve the bug in 2.17.0.

    That update arrived March 11, to the joy of many players.

    You might be fooled into thinking the bug was resolved because they promised it would be fixed in 2.17.0, they said an AS issue was resolved with the release notes above, and we are bombarded with events. You are incorrect. It is still a known issue.

    It was awesome of the developers to recognize this issue and allow for completion of brilliant registry pages without opening portmanteaus. It's too bad they continue to ignore the necessity of strong and potent exstimulo potions, particularly for professors during adversary events; some means of obtaining abraxan or unicorn hair that replaces the broken portmanteau method would be much appreciated.

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    FYI: AdventureSync is completely broken, since 2.17.0, on 99% of Android devices. It was partially functional after 2.16.0, but they broke it even further with the last update. It seems to work on some devices running Android 10 and possibly a few other Android devices.

    Hopefully, this is not like many of the other issues that they try to fix and break further, followed by them abandoning trying to actually fix them.

    @hpwulola @HPWUblue can you give any confirmation if AdventureSync issues are still being investigated with a pot

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    Wow... my post was in limbo for 5 days and even got truncated.

    "pot" was supposed to be "potential fix".

    I guess that the forum staff is all on extended vacations or too busy moderating forums for other WB games to bother with these forums as much any more. I miss @HPWUFazes.

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