Adjust/fix Auror dodge nodes

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I was able to get the third dodge node as an Auror during the Narcissa Adversaries event, but despite it being at 24% I only just now got my first and only dodge to date against a guard despite going through hundreds of spells cast in adversaries chains. As adversaries become more a part of the game, PLEASE look at this and see if a) it is working correctly, and if not, fix the bug that is causing such low dodge rates, or b) if it is working as intended, make adjustments to make it a bit easier to dodge as an Auror. It takes a heavy investment to complete those nodes, and if they are useless in battle the investments really don't make sense - especially since you HAVE to complete those nodes to start on the skills against lethals (which, given the recent storyline, seems like are coming soon). Maybe only require one side of the line be completed to start on the lethal skills?



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    narcissa is the most annoying one of all the feared ones, but in my experience you dont/wont see much of dodging difference (us dodging them) until you get the 5th node (75 dadas), its widely believed that feared archfoes have around 20% accuracy, so 28% - 20% = 8% dodge vs 50% - 28% = 22% dodge.

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    @Drakonite, thanks for the stats. I wish that was more transparent in the game and it confirms my observations that the first few dodge nodes as an Auror are basically worthless, yet cost over a hundred spell books - something definitely needs to change, especially since you currently HAVE to go through that to get to the lethal skills.

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    yeah, agreed. If I can wager a guess the 1st 1-4 dodges (will) help out for some/most of the guardians and maybe for Draco/Fenrir (easiest of the archfoes), ,and then 5th one helps out w the rest of the archfoes, but even then as with everything else in this game it is 100% subject to rng. For example I had cases in the Narcissa event when i did not dodge her a single time (I have 15/15 on auror + magi + prof) and other cases when she did not a land a single hit on me, so from having to use 2-3 healing potions in a single chain to having to use none....a big difference!

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