Mobile Data Drain!!!

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Since the latest update, i downloaded All Assets to save on mobile data when i leave wifi to go about town to collect energy and foundables, but this time data has been draining fast when it shouldnt be, and its not just myself, there have been several complaints through a facebook group that brought my attention to this and im glad i saw the post or i would have lost mobile data by tomorrow and not know why. what can be done about this? I enjoy playing the game, but i cant keep buying mobile data to watch it drain in a couple days.



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    Hi @TByzantium

    I havent experienced unusually heavy drains but I know the game does generally pull take some@TByzantium data at times. This my not be the most convenient solution but have you tried playing the game with a different network provider?

    I had switched network providers once because 1GB of data would only me 3 to 4 days whereas on a different provider that is generally cheaper in my country 1GB lasts me about 2 weeks. It was a huge difference for me especially playing 3 different Niantic games at the same time.

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    I keep getting error unable to connect to wifi. I wonder if this is causing the drain?

    I've had warnings from my provider that I'm using too much when playing this game.

    I get these error warnings even when I physically turn off my wifi so it sounds like a bug.

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