Game's Framerate is too low

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The game is forced to run at 30 fps on android devices and at 60 fps on iOS devices. This hinders the experience on Android phones horrible and the game feels cheap and low quality. Scrolling on the map, on the registry, tracing spells and even fighting foes feels slow and choppy, since the game doesn't utilize the full potential of the phone, especially on high end phones.

Almost all flagships Android phones that come out have high refresh rate displays that would allow for a smoother gameplay. For example the phones release by Samsung the past 12 months have 120 hz displays, 240hz touch sampling. Scrolling outside of this game feels great and most other games don't lag at all. Wizards Unite though, runs at 30 fps and 60hz touch sampling.

We need a way to enable the game to run at 60 (or even 120) fps on capable devices. This could even be a toggle on the settings menu for those that prefer better battery life in expence of smoother gameplay.



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    Honestly....this isnt this game's worst issue/bug right now, lol, and they dont seem to be able to solve/resolve the ones that are, namely: Adv. sync, poi sync, black screen in android, iOS purchasing, KB and/or server issues leading to restart loops, adversaries departing w/o having defeated you or you them, mystrery/plot items not dropping for new accts/players who didnt/havent/hadnt gotten them before they bugged out and the list goes on. lol.

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    @Drakonite well, the game is way too laggy for no reason. This is the main issue I'm facing and it's resolvable with half a line of code.

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    i dont think framerate contributes to lagging, servers and/or ram usage of game in phone does. check how much space/ram the game's using if it is using 10gb then you need to uninstall and reinstall and re-download all assets, it's a known bug.

    its a very heavy game b/c of all the animations and 'high' graphics etc.

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    is it that important about frame rate? i mean i dont know about fps

    but i understand fps is important for movies or fast moving game like fps games, race games and else.

    but hpwu is kind of static game isnt it beside those small animation clips.

    my device is old so probably have very low frame rate but i dont really see lags,

    everything slow is (i think) just about loading and connection.

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    I've played the game on both iOS and Android devices, and even though Android devices totally support higher framerates, the developers have locked the game at 30 fps. It's not about internet lag or high load of assets that slow the game down.@Drakonite

    The difference between iOS and Android devices, is that on Android devices, when you lower the framerate, the touch sampling gets lowered as well. This results in noticable delay when tracing spells, when scrolling (for example in the registry) and when aiming in battles. @Kodokmag

    The reason I know Android devices support the higher framerates is the fact that some manufacturers like OnePlus, allow developer commands that force higher refresh rates in unsupported apps. Wizards Unite is one of those apps that run much better when the higher refresh rate is forced with minimal increase in battery usage.

    The game can definitely run better on Android devices, the developers have just decided to cap the framerate at 30 and call it a day. @Drakonite

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    #929 March, 2021, 03:15 pm.

    I have a note 10 and i ve not noticed any lag, but ok.

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    Scrolling lag is because framerate 😱?

    I thought scrolling lag sometimes in friendlist is because slow connection sync-ing with server because sometimes the last foundables capture part is slow to show.

    But aiming or tracing is seems find in my old lenovo vibe. Lucky me (my device) i guess

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    #1130 March, 2021, 10:29 am.

    @Drakonite you have been running the game at 30 fps all along. Try scrolling on an iPhone and you will understand how laggy the experience is on your note 10.

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    #1230 March, 2021, 11:56 am.

    ive handled an iphone, didnt see much of a diff. but ok :)

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    Agree. Not only the frame rate, there are many issues to solve (ex. The absence of AR+ option on newer Android devices).

    I honestly don't know why they do not answer, a text that says: "we're working on it" would be something...

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    Bump. This 30FPS lag is annoying. All that needs to be done is add performance toggles to the settings so depending on the phone you have you can optimise the game yourself if you'd like to.

    But I cannot understand 30FPS in 2021.

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    I reported the same issue a year ago. Back then they released one of patches that completely destroyed the quality of graphics and fps on my Samsung devices. To this date they haven't fixed the issue and I can play the game with better fps and graphics on an old iphone 7 than on my Note 20 Ultra or Note 9

    How I can see this? For one, it doesn't matter if I turn on or off the battery saver mode, it feels like it's running 24/7 on the battery saver mode for the graphics and fps option.

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