Level 60: Only fools rush in

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Reached Level 60 today and almost wished I hadn’t. Suddenly ... now what? No XP to chase anymore. No more need for Baruffios or toadstools. It was as if a dementor met me at the finish line and sucked all the joy out of the game. (Sniff!) Seriously, though, if you haven’t gotten there, don’t be in a rush. I was hoping I would have to finish Level 60, maybe get 2 million to do so after it took 1.2 million to finish 58 and 1.5 million to finish 59. Seemed a natural jump. But nope. A few Wizards Unite chores left, and then back to real life. Why not just let us add XP if we want? Every time I see those two words at the end, I just drop my head. Sad lol.



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    I've seen a few posts like this, and I'm not sure I understand the fixation on leveling as the main point of the game. You get a few skill boosts early on every five levels, but most of your power comes from the skill trees. True, it's sad to see toadstools and get a bit excited and then remember, oh yes, I don't need those anymore, but I can honestly say that my playing hasn't been diminished by hitting 60. I'm too busy defeating adversaries for DADA books and gold gifts for my friends.

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    Congratulations you have reached level 60, click here to prestige your profile and be reset to level 1

    I'm not sure I'd click that

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    Helpful info to consider...I just realized I have a backlog of Barruffios, I might as well use them while they are still useful to me. Thanks for this.

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    I'm right there with you just hit 60 late last month. Only used 199 Barruffios so still have a ways to go to hit 500 to complete the Achievement but, do I really care? All Wild traces are done through gold except dragon eggs and a few that are only obtained through Fortress battles (kind of burned out on doing Fortress's). People still gift me Wizard XP and Burruffios. Don't need scrolls, Spell Books, Field Guides, or Ministry Manuals only RSB's and DADA's. SOS training I don't really need additional skills to add more Spell Books, anything having thing to do with Dawdle draught, Barruffios, or treasure trunk upgrades. At a point where only thing stopping me from completely finishing SOS training are RSB's and DADA's. Portkeys aren't much good either as the only ingredient I have interest in is Unicorn Hair as everything else awarded is a waste. It would be nice if at Lvl 60 there were special Portkeys which would dole out something useful for those who have no need of things as previously mentioned like RSB's, DADA's, Dark Marks, Potions, Dragon eggs, etc but pretty sure they won't be adding those in anytime soon. Only thing I'm on the lookout for daily is Dark Marks.

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    maybe we could ask for level 60 only features? such as daily (or maybe weekly) reward of 1 dark mark and 1 unicorn hair

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