Anyone Else Being Obliterated By Adversaries??

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I don’t know if mods actually check this channel, but IMHO the new Adversaries are the WORST addition to this game. Does anyone else go through 40+ spell energy and at least half a dozen potions simply to survive a single encounter with one? It’s outrageous. I’m not a new player. I’m a professor (lvl 41) at the highest rank in that profession who has also maxed out my rank in each registry, so it’s not like I just don’t have the power that comes from leveling up (not that that seems to matter either, I’ve had encounters where I’ve cast three ‘Masterful’ spells in a row only to have the Confoundable depart). It’s clear the encounter is rigged to deplete you of supplies, I’m guessing in hopes that you’ll cave and actually buy more.

I completed the Adversaries event, but am now clicking into each Adversary encounter just to flee and get the stupid little green things off my screen. I stopped spending money on this game several unresolved bugs ago, and this latest issue just makes me question if it’s worth it to keep playing the game at all. I’m wondering if anyone else is having this same issue. (EDIT bc it looks like the tags are working after all)



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    Have you maxed out professor main plan and adversary plan? if not that could be why as adversaries arent influenced by spell mastery (now attainable by doing sos nodes not lvlying up). Also are you using extimulo and/or wit potions and/or healing potions? W/o those you (prof or auror) can't win vs advers.

    As a fully maxed out Auror on both plans I almost never lose but I've got all potions maxed out on sos nodes and am using them w/o mercy, lol.

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    Another auror here. I’m at 137/137, 5/15 and I always use potions on the archfoes. I can do Draco without one if things go well. When I run out of potions, like during the current event, I just do the first two adversaries. You need more of what they drop, anyway.

    Personally, I like that the game designers added hard fights to the game. That makes it more interesting again. It had become too much of an easy grind.

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    Btw, I don’t think the quality of the spell cast affects the likelihood of success, same as in Pokémon Go. It just gives you a little bonus experience reward and a warm fuzzy feeling when the Masterful! announcement comes up

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    One of the problems is being a professor - there’s another thread that quite neatly exposes the fact that magis are high health and low(ish) damage, aurors are high damage and low health while profs are low-ish health and lowest damage (even less than the healer/tank!) against adversaries. It’s just a balancing problem which the extra adversary nodes won’t resolve, and unfortunately you’re sat at the sharp end of it.

    The SOS Tree gaslighting debacle saw calls for respec options that were ignored, and from what I can gather I fear the same outcome here.

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    OP, I agree. I hate adversaries. I understand wanting to add a challenge, but I feel like they are ridiculous. I'm a maxed professor, with 4/15, and level 42. I flee whenever I see certain creatures because I know I'll never win. With some dragons I deal 42 damage points compared to its 30+. Even with potent and health potions, I still need 20+ energy to defent it. Plus I can even brew potent potions anymore because I haven't gotten unicorn hairs from portkeys in over 2 months.

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    professors suck vs adversaries, altho w/o extims magiz are worse. You want easy-er advers. go auror, everything is 3-4 shots w a potent max.

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    Agreed- when I forget to switch to Auror and go into an encounter as a Prof, I just end up fleeing because it isn’t worth it. Previously I quit the game when I was playing only as a Prof, until someone convinced me to try again as an Auror. Huge difference! You can still end up sinking a lot of resources into adversaries, and inexplicably get booted out just when you are about to win, so for now I still won’t spend a dime on the game because that would change the bug from annoying and disappointing to being scammed

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