Give Rewards for Fortress Activity, Not Punishment for Inactivity

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in Feature Requests #1 latest comment 16 April, 2021, 05:47 am.

To solve the problem of players freeloading in Fortresses, give the rewards based on the amount players contribute to the battle, by them giving hexes, spells and focus, and/or defeating foes. The more they contribute, the greater the rewards. No contribution, no rewards.

I guarantee you that everyone will be participating as much as possible.



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    edited February 3 #203 February, 2021, 01:40 pm.

    I prefer that w some system held by WB/devs (not easily abused by players) anyone freeloading would have a similar system to spoofing, lose the KB/forts for 1 week, 1 month, perm. I also guarantee you freeloading would stop after the 1st few ppl would lose the bus for 1 week. I dont care that ppl who dont contribute getting less rewards, I care for ppl who are obviously standing there doing nothing benefiting from the efforts of others w/o spending any resources of their own to get harsh punishment and everyone else great rewards.

  • DrakoniteDrakonite Posts: 1,214 ✭✭✭✭
    #403 February, 2021, 03:29 pm.

    you can appeal spoof bans, i dont see why not appeal this.

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    #503 February, 2021, 10:52 pm.

    If a "freeloader detection system" could be implemented which was highly accurate, alongside a hassle free way to appeal an incorrect ban, then I might think your idea was an acceptable solution.

    Since there has been very little evidence of the dev team being able to smoothly implement new features or quickly fix bugs that arise, or of support being able to provide an easy way of doing much of anything, I think that introducing a system which could bam people from a key component of the game could be disastrous for an unlucky part of the player base.

  • MorganzaMorganza Posts: 133 ✭✭✭
    #712 February, 2021, 04:10 am.

    I'd love to see bonuses handed out for not just damage done, but also:

    • teammates healed / revived
    • focus passed
    • damage done by DetHex during another player's battle
    • damage done by BatBogey (including triggering DetHex)
    • damage avoided by weaken/confuse during another player's battle
    • Bravery bonuses

    Yeah, any algorithm can be gamed, but even a monthly Fortress event with activity bonuses would be a lot of fun.

  • millimeterwavemillimeterwave Posts: 1
    #816 April, 2021, 05:47 am.

    Let's think another way, if the algorithm cannot get enough support.

    A player-made ranking system.

    Once wizards challenge finished, every player can give some "thumbs up" to those contribute significantly.

    Every time when player is waiting in the lobby (may take forest above), they can check others scores (counting by thumbs up they got in last 30 days).

    The system can be expanded to the global / regional leaderboard in the future, or maybe to unlock "invite to join battles" via certain threshold of the scores. 😎

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