Brillant events : previous ones not returning

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I'm a day one player I've done every single one brillant events since beginning but when I started I wasn't fully aware on how the rank system worked so I didn't complete the second and third brillant event rank bar

Unfortunately they never came back and they are still at their levels since then

My question is : does anybody have an answer to this : will they come back or Niantic can give me credit for these 2 events to have a complete set on my account ?

Thank you for any answer 😁



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    Wasnt it a few events back is about to catch up the beginning events? I think it was about CoMC? Page 2 or 3 with page 1 included? 🤔

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    So far they've repeated the first brilliant event (sort of). No one knows if they'll do that with any of the others. But I am quite sure that no one from support will "give you credit" for anything that you haven't done.

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    so far theyve never repeated one, except for the 1st one, which was also the only one that didn't have 2 pages, so they did page 2 of it and if you allowed all of page 2's images to fill up w/o clicking them you then got served page 1's. So, if you didnt have page 1 (White images all) it was a (great) way to get 'em all, if you didnt you just did it for the BE fxp (50 fxp per image).

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    I've heard that they will probably never repeat past events. It doesn't necessarily fit in with the storyline. I know no one really pays attention to the story. The only real way around it would be to incorporate a time turner. Maybe they could sell time turners and allow you to go back to specific events?????

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