Refresher coarse team play upper chambers

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Hello fellow witches and wizards. New player? Playing a new profession? Playing a lot with random teams? New to upper chambers? Want more challenge XP and more fortress foundables? From recent battles and comments, it may be time for a Knight Bus team strategy refresher coarse.

Teams depend on well-cast charms and strategic spells - proficiency, shields, and bravery. Aurors the team needs you to pass focus so we all benefit from team spells. Hexing with the most efficient spell is essential to the success of the team. Strategic gameplay can minimize potion and se usage. Each player needs to battle their proficient foes, no player can sit out and not engage foes. I will post some helpful infographics and video links-which will post after the room of requirement approves them.

Please feel free to add your tips, or questions in comments. Help will always be given at Hogwarts for those who ask. I ask that everyone please be kind, be positive, and be respectful.

Hoping to see y'all in Forrest 4 and up soon.

Happy Pottering, be safe, be well and be healthy,




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    @Owlx that’s a pretty solid guide to follow. Obviously things may need to be mixed up a little depending on the situation in the fortress, but that’s definitely a good start.

    It’s also quite important for players (particularly if they are just starting off or if they’ve just started to play in teams) to read up at least the basics on the other professions and not just their own, so they can understand the team dynamic and what to expect from other players when in a multi profession team. A good strategy while playing solo doesn’t always work as well in a team, so reading up a bit more on the professions can help with that. 😊

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