Why aren't seeds available in the store?

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From a perspective of how the real world works this makes sense-- people buy seeds and then grow things.

From an in-game perspective it also makes sense. Seeds hide on the map pretty well. They're hard to tell apart. When you want a particular one it's nowhere to be found. The process of finding seeds is just frustrating, and it doesn't really add much to gameplay.

I would gladly fork over a few coins to get the seed packet that I need rather than waste my time scouring a map hunting for the seed packet in a haystack. Take my money, please?



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    #231 December, 2020, 11:08 am.

    based on other pricing: the seeds would cost something like 300 gold for 1 seed, not 3 you get in the wild.

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    #331 December, 2020, 12:24 pm.

    @Drakonite even with the 'new things should keep getting more expensive' philosophy, the old ingredient pricing might be such a strong logical cap you'd hope a seed wouldn't cost more than the ingredient it grew (although I suppose you do get multiple ingredients from a seed so that's not logically correct)

    So, 300 for a snowdrop seed and snowdrop price goes up to 259 to match...?

    I think the opening idea is an excellent one, with seed prices being nice and low given the regulation by going to and from greenhouses and cooking time / spell energy requirements

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    #431 December, 2020, 12:45 pm.

    i think the cap/problem is between areas (usually urban ones) that have high density spawns (foundables, ingredients, SE on ground etc) and areas which dont (usually but not always suburban/rural and/or w/o many pois).

    Personally while I understand where OP and you are coming from, I've never had an ingredients problem. And have never grown anything other than shrooms in greenhouses (for bbe until I got achievement and lv 60). I usually find so many of everything on the map and/or by harvesting GHs for gifts that I frequently delete ingredients (even rare like powdered dragon claw or unicorn hair) so that I can keep my stocks balanced. Ie: in my walk today I had to delete over 100 bitterroot and 80 snowdrops, and over 100 erumpet horns and so on to make space for other things.

    Also just like Ive not bought a single edm and i dont plan to b/c the price(s) are ridiculously expensive beyond reason, I most likely wouldnt buy ingredients and/or seeds if they were as expensive. I'd probs end up quitting the game if I couldnt find anything in the map and had to buy everything with gold.

    Like I said the original idea isnt bad, but its not rly a solution. The ideal solution would be for niantic/WB to increase spawns (foundables/ seeds/ ingredients etc) in non urban areas and/or in areas that havent got as many ingredients so no one has to buy seeds/ingredients when most of others don't ever have any such need. As it is the game is hugely unbalanced and favours those who have good spawning spots/pois.

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    #531 December, 2020, 01:33 pm.

    That's a very fair point, I don't personally use greenhouses for growing (although lockdown influenced currently) but like the idea of them and thought this suggestion would help make them useful.

    A general rebalancing of availability would make sense to increase the sparse areas (if worried about making long countryside walks too fruitful then perhaps have more of a fade in period) and, post-covid, decrease the full areas a bit

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    #631 December, 2020, 04:53 pm.

    @Drakonite Interestingly, I live in an urban area so dense that I have two inns available from my couch. I've been an Ingress player for seven years and the neighborhood has always been very active in Ingress. It also has a very large number of historic plaques and urban murals so I have no shortage of waypoints and spawns. (Though as a side note I would love for them to sync new wayspots into HPWU. There have been several recent additions to the neighborhood in Ingress and PoGo.)

    I have to leave to get to greenhouses to farm them for ingredients, and that's not happening very often in 2020. I do periodically go down the street to a location where there are two greenhouses next to each other and either plant both with snowdrop or shrooms. I can't remember ever wanting to grow something else though I might have planted wormwood once. For me it's not about the spawn rate but about having to hunt for very tiny objects on the map searching for that one seed packet that I really need right now. Hunt-the-seeds doesn't add skill to the game and it doesn't make for interesting gameplay... it's just tedium.

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    #731 December, 2020, 06:10 pm.

    yeah poi sync failure has gotten rly old....as for the seeds...i've never had to grow anything other than shrooms, so I dont hunt the seed packs, but if you want seed packs in store, add them I hope the devs will. And hopefully they dont cost 600 gold coins each.

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