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12 Tasks of Christmas

hpwulolahpwulola Posts: 1,030 admin
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 Witches and Wizards,


Spend this holiday season participating in the special 12 Tasks of Christmas event and rounding up a variety of different Foundables and rewards!


From Tuesday, December 29 at 11 a.m. PT–Thursday, January 7 at 11 a.m. PT, keep an eye out for the following:

  • 12 Special Assignments revolving around the 12 Days of Christmas, with rewards including Potions, Gifts, Spell Books, and DADA Books.
  • Increased sightings of the Water Orb Confoundable Traces such as Gryffindor Student, Ministry Administrator, Baby Mandrake and Pickett, plus more Traces from Tonic for Trace Detection.
  • Increased sightings of Music Box, Occamy Eggs, Golden Snitch, Quidditch Captain Harry Potter, Young Harry Potter and Yule Ball (Hagrid & Madame Maxime, Angelina & Fred, Hermione & Viktor,  Parvati & Harry) Foundables, plus more Traces from Tonic for Trace Detection.
  • Special Sapphire 1km Portmanteau of Honeydukes that rewards Yule Ball Programme.


Please note: To enable as many players around the world as possible to participate safely, this event has been adjusted to facilitate playing from wherever you are. Please remember to adhere to local rules and regulations, and be respectful of others and your surroundings.



-The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Team



  • KodokmagKodokmag Posts: 824 ✭✭✭✭
    #223 December, 2020, 08:27 pm.

    anddd what are the tasks? 🤔

  • InisheilInisheil Posts: 2 ✭✭
    #1124 December, 2020, 03:44 am.

    Shouldn’t we the one who gets 11 Potent Exstimulo on the 11th day and 12 EDM on the 12th day? 😀

    Or if you’re keeping the ‘use 11 Potent Exstimulo’ task, maybe you could increase the chance of getting it on the green houses, by at least 50%?

    Thank you so

    much for all your wonderful work HPWU team. Happy holidays!! ❤️

  • KodokmagKodokmag Posts: 824 ✭✭✭✭
    #1324 December, 2020, 04:34 am.


    could we request EDM(s) for bonus rewards.

    pretty pleaseeeee

  • SwampRatUKSwampRatUK Posts: 36 ✭✭
    #2025 December, 2020, 08:44 pm.

    Maybe there'll be a gift crate of 20 potent doodad potions at the start of the event and a 99% brewing time reduction (so as not to rub it in entirely for those with broken stores still)

  • FfdfffFfdfff Posts: 4 ✭✭
    #2125 December, 2020, 08:46 pm.

    I hope the plain on giving unicorn hair . Not everyone has enough to even make 2 potions due to the last event

  • Not4u13Not4u13 Posts: 40 ✭✭
    #2226 December, 2020, 01:13 am.

    This is an easy decision for me.

    I won't be trying to complete this event. The juice isn't worth the squeeze.

    I will likely finish a few achievements but I can get better rewards simply playing the game. If I used 11 Potent on just Adversaries I'd receive 11 or more DADA books and I don't even need to use potent to get there.

    Silver keys? I only use those during Wizarding Weekends, which won't be happening any longer.

    I'd rather save Potent for things that have real value. I can't get enough Snowdrop as it is.

    I will be glad to collect a few rewards as they may come, but I most certainly won't make a concerted effort to complete the challenge just for the rewards.

  • CorePhoenixCorePhoenix Posts: 9 ✭✭
    #2426 December, 2020, 01:00 pm.

    I'm glad I didn't use many potents on adversaries and still have a little store of them. I only have 5 unicorn hairs, and can't get any more from portkeys given that adventure sync is broken on android devices. Unicorn hair can be hard to come by even without these limitations

    That's not to mention rural players who may struggle to get the other ingredients. Seriously, if we are expected to use these potions, we should be given the ingredients for more than one of them in the complementary gift

  • MeesPierson1MeesPierson1 Posts: 3 ✭✭
    #2526 December, 2020, 01:29 pm.

    I am not going to waste my strong exstimulo potions to do 3 highest chamber which is Dark Chamber V. The rewards for these tasks are not appealing at all in my opinion.

  • PapasequoiaPapasequoia Posts: 14 ✭✭
    #2626 December, 2020, 09:14 pm.

    I am a level 54 player and have been playing for about 16 months. I KNOW how to make masterful casts (speed over accuracy, etc.). I USED to be able to get one to two dozen masterful casts every DAY. Now, I only get one or two every WEEK. Two things happened at about the same time I stopped being able to get masterful casts regularly: the new SOS lessons were introduced and I upgraded from a small screen iPhone 5 to a large screen iPhone 8.

    Since then in forums I have seen similar comments in forums and two possible theories about why it is so hard now to get them.

    1. Since the new SOS lessons have ways to make it easier to capture different family fragments Niantic made it a bit harder to do masterful casts in order to keep some balance and not make them too easy to capture. Or,
    2. Certain phones, or the screens on the phones, or whatever, just work better for spell casting.

    I would really like to know if either, both or neither of these is true. If it is #2 maybe I can swap my SIM card on my new phone to my old phone for this event until I get two masterful casts in a row. If it is #1 I (and many others with this complaint) are SOL for this event. I would really hope that Niantic reconsiders these tasks and either makes it two, but not in a row, or, lowers the calculation on what constitutes a masterful cast for the duration of the event.

    Just about the only cast where I have a chance of getting a masterful these days is Aguamenti. So, let's say I cast it and get a masterful but also defeat the confoundable. Now I have to hunt around first to find another fragment where I can use that spell (because I will break the 'streak' if I don't) then, if that works, I have to get a masterful on the first cast or the streak is broken. I hope you can understand how supremely frustrating this will be and make a minor change to that task - like two total, not two in a row. I possibly still won't be able to complete it, but at least that way there is a fighting chance. Thanks.

  • VoiceMasterVoiceMaster Posts: 93 ✭✭✭
    #2726 December, 2020, 11:53 pm.

    So that's why we got so much unicorn hair as a gift this week. I don't even use 11 potents a month, much less in 10 days. I agree it does seem out of ****, especially for the rewards. And especially for beginners. It does strike me that both this and Adversaries are resource intensive. Like a lot of folks are gonna have to buy more potions or spend to brew potions when they can't find ingredients or upgrade their potions vault. I'm just gonna play the game. And likely won't finish the tasks.

  • CaeleonCaeleon Posts: 269 ✭✭✭
    edited December 2020 #2827 December, 2020, 07:39 am.

    Jingle bells, the questbook smells...

    Albus layed an egg...

    The unicorn hair lost it's shine, and this player says **** nay...

  • HeLaPiDaKaHeLaPiDaKa Posts: 1 ✭✭
    edited December 2020 #2927 December, 2020, 01:43 pm.

    Dit gaat 'm voor mij niet worden... Ik heb in 18 maanden (bijna lvl 60) 57 Meesterlijk gegooid. Dat is minder dan 1 per week en ik heb nog nooit 2 achter elkaar gegooid...


    This is not going to work for me ... In 18 months (almost lvl 60) I have thrown 57 Masters.

    That's less than 1 a week and I've never thrown 2 in a row ...


  • BayCosDemTBayCosDemT Posts: 1 ✭✭
    #3027 December, 2020, 02:27 pm.

    I am fine with everything except the 2 masterful spells in a row. This has been set up for many to fail, including me. I barely get two Good in a row. Don’t think I have gotten many Great in a row , only at level 40. Any way you can change it to just get two anytime? I should be able to do that in a week. Discourages people before they start knowing that you probably will not complete this event.

    Thank you.

  • CartaphilusCartaphilus Posts: 76 ✭✭✭
    #3128 December, 2020, 12:43 pm.

    @HeLaPiDaKa Als je bijna lvl 60 bent dan zou je zeggen dat je inmiddels wel genoeg geoefend hebt. Snelheid is belangrijker dan accuraatheid. Probeer je spells sneller te casten en dat vergroot de kans op een meesterlijk aanzienlijk! Succes!!!

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