Adversaries Combat and Skill tree - How I wished it was :)

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During the battle:

  • Attacking (Players)

To inflict damage, we have to trace spells. Each offense spell fills a small bar (orange bar, left side), used to unlock a powerful spell. The powerful spell is different for each profession:


  • 12 successfully cast spells to fill the bar.
  • The powerful spell is Confringo.
  • Deal a significant amount of damage.


  • 13 successfully cast spells to fill the bar.
  • The powerful spell is Stupefy.
  • The enemy is stunned for 3 spells (players can cast 3 spells consecutively).


  • 10 successfully cast spells for filling the bar.
  • The powerful spell is Expelliarmus.
  • The enemy receives %x damage back in the next attack.

*To cast this new spell, the player has to track the (easier) aim icon, underneath the enemy. This icon only appears once the bar is full (bar cannot stack spells, has to be used and then refilled).

  • Attacking (Enemies)

As the players, enemies also have a strong attack. Normal attacks will inflict a nice amount of damage and can be dodged, but strong attacks cannot be dodged, only have the damage mitigated by Protego and Protego Maxima.

  • Defending (Players)

Protego Maxima will be the new defense for enemies' strong attacks. Every time the player cast a protego, a small bar will be filled (blue bar, right side). Once the enemy performs a strong attack, if the player has the Protego Maxima available, it will appear automatically to be cast instead of the normal protego. If the player doesn't have the Protego Maxima, the usual protego will appear (the player receives more damage this way).

Skill Tree:

This style opens a lot of ways for a refined skill tree. Square nodes are upgrades for the 2 new Spells (Strong + Defense) and used as main nodes, like in the SOS skill tree. The skill tree will be the same for all players, changing only the Powerful Spell aspect.

Upgrade nodes example:

- Reduce the number of spells for Powerfull spell by 1.

- Increase efficiency of Powerful spell. (more damage auror, +1 stunned cast for stupefy, higher % for professors).

- Reduce the number of spells for Protego Maxima by 1.

- 1 additional Protego Maxima spell.

- Normal nodes as we have for now (+dodge chance, +critical hit chance).

I also wanted to let clear that I'm very happy with this new content. The team keeps releasing amazing updates, making the game even better! For this new feature, the points I really liked are:

Chain of encounters / Doesn't need other players (In my community, all wizards/witches are retired, so I'm running solo) / DADA books and Dark Mark as rewards.

Now, about the combat and skills tree... I wished it was a bit different from the usual combat style.

Have a nice day,


*Ps: Dark Marks are a bit overpriced! Waiting for my non-Muggle discount 😁



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    they are not a bit overpriced, they are ridiculously overpriced.

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    Thanks for the info

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