Control ingredient drops of charmed greenhouses

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in Feature Requests #1 latest comment 25 November, 2020, 05:38 pm.

would Be cool if you started to grow an ingredient in a greenhouse and when a greenhouse charm is placed on it then that ingredient that is growing is the one that gets spawned because of the charm.



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    #223 November, 2020, 07:18 am.

    People would use that to exploit long spawn duration ingredients, such as mushrooms... so not that great of an idea, since people would just start planting mushrooms, use all their greenhouse charms, then not have to worry about mushrooms for a long time. They would not have to invest any energy into increasing the ingredient yield. That would throw off the ingredient need too much and imbalance the game.

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    #325 November, 2020, 05:38 pm.

    It's not probably widely known, that this thing already kind of happens! If we visit a greenhouse during the 1 hour time window after the yield is ready and available, and if we cast a greenhouse charm then, we will get more of the same plants! And if the greenhouse charm's duration is long (for example 2 minutes or more), it's possible (but not guaranteed) to get a new set of plants before the charm's timer run out!

    So for example, I went to gather maxed yield of toadstools (9 plants with green swirls around them). Then I cast my greenhouse charm and got 3 more toadstools with yellow swirls around them (as I had done SOS study to get 3 plants instead of the basic level of 2 plants, but the amount can be higher after more SOS studies are done). Then I waited at the greenhouse's radius for 2 minutes and was lucky to get a second set of 3 charmed toadstools. So I got 9+3+3=15 plants.

    And when the greenhouse charm's 2 minutes time had run out, I was able to cast a new greenhouse charm (as I have done SOS studies to have capacity to save at least 2 greenhouse charms at the same time), and that new charm gave me again 3 toadstool with yellow swirls, but not more. So in total I got 15+3=18 toadstools :) If I would have had a 3rd greenhouse charm to use then and room to pick up so much ingredients, I would have been able to cast the greenhouse charm again and get even more... I'm not sure how many plants we could get with a maxed greenhouse charm (maybe 7?), and how many minutes one charm would work (maybe 5 or 6 minutes)?

    If other players would have been at the same place with me, they would have been able to get the same yields. And they would have been able to cast their greenhouse charms as well and help me to get even bigger yield!

    I learned this method from other players, but it seems that it's not very well known.

    Many players do not even seem to know for sure that a greenhouse's yield is available for 1 hour (and not only 30 minutes like many seem to believe). This is not very clearly told in the game! Only if a player happens to be inside of the greenhouses planting pot room and see the timer run to 00:00 they see a notification that the yield is scattered outside and will be available for 1 hour.

    That's why the timer for yield's collecting time window should be visible in the greenhouse's banner and also seen from afar, in a similar way that the planting pot's timer is visible! That way more players could utilize the yield, as the information is now lost from new players arriving to the area if they do not happen to see the timer while the yield is not yet ready! The banner could also tell the size of the yield.

    I think there should be more info added to the game's i-info sections! Now the information in many of those texts is not very detailed.

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