December Community Day(s)?

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On Pokémon GO, it’s tradition now that all that years previous event Pokémon appear in some way over a few days.

I know we got a Christmas surge of the Calamity last year, but would love to see something similar this year on Wizards Unite where players can obtain any Brilliant items they missed out on, and get good rewards for doing so.

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    This is not PoGo... and I, as well as many others, would hate to have a bunch of old Brilliant spawns throwing off the regular spawns all month. I'd prefer some type of themed event similar to the poacher event, where gold and keys were more likely to drop (even though I am running out of uses for them)... or even better DADA and RSB.

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    That would be a nice way of doing it.

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    I think that new players should have the same opportunity to be able to complete the event pages from the beginning of the game. I am a player who started months ago and I am sad to enter my event log and see that I have many pages to complete and not be able to complete them because I have not been playing since the game came out.

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