Kilometers vs. Miles

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I'm still staying in as much as possible, so while I am able to walk some... the majority of my "walking off portkeys" consists of driving around my neighborhood. I'm curious about the counts, though. I know you have to drive slow... but does the limit for actually counting the distance have to be under 20 kilometers per hour, or under 20 miles per hour? I'm asking, because we've been going under 20 mph, and it doesn't always seem to register as much as I think it will.

Thank you!!


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    officially, you are meant to walk, not drive. unofficially, match your speed so that your avatar is walking not speeding on a broom. Im not sure tho if thats under 20km/m/h but sounds very likely considering a man going at 20 an hr would be running faster than bolt :P


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    Think the speed limit is either 16 km/h or 12km/h.

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