November Community Day

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Witches and Wizards,

November Community Day is all day Saturday, November 14 from 12:01 a.m.–11:59 p.m. local time. Prepare for an entire day of mind games and strategy while you visit the Chess Chamber!

This Community Day, you can look forward to the following:

  • Special Assignments focused on returning Legends of Hogwarts Foundables to the Chess Chamber with rewards including Potions, Spell Books, Ingredients and DADA Books.
  • Increased sightings of Young Hermione Granger, Young Ron Weasley and Albus Dumbledore from the Chess Chamber Registry page.
  • Tonic for Trace Detection will reveal more Community Day Traces, only takes 1 hour to brew, and its Master Notes will reduce brew time by 50%. All Exstimulo Potion Master Notes will reduce brew time by 50%.
  • A special 1km Portmanteau that rewards Legends of Hogwarts Family XP and a Flying Key fragment.
  • Increased chance in Wizarding Challenges of receiving Wizard Chess Queen, Dumbledore’s Army Sign-Up Sheet or Half-Blood Prince's Advanced Potion Making fragment with Legends of Hogwarts runestones

Please note: To enable as many players around the world as possible to participate safely, this event has been adjusted to facilitate playing from wherever you are. Please remember to adhere to local rules and regulations, and be respectful of others and your surroundings.

Share your achievements along the way using #WizardsUnite on social, and make sure to follow along on our official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels for the latest updates. While you’re at it, visit the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community Forums and discuss your Community Day plans with others!

-The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Team



  • AltarielValiceAltarielValice Posts: 214 ✭✭✭✭
    #210 November, 2020, 07:06 pm.

    Thank you for the details Lola!

  • ZealmanPlaysYTZealmanPlaysYT Posts: 18 ✭✭
    #311 November, 2020, 04:56 pm.

    Video guide here with mash up between Harry Potter and The Queen's Gambit.

  • hpwulolahpwulola Posts: 1,164 admin
    #412 November, 2020, 12:07 am.

    How awesome and creative, @ZealmanPlaysYT 🤩

  • WitchHikerWitchHiker Posts: 392 ✭✭✭
    #513 November, 2020, 12:35 am.

    @ZealmanPlaysYT thank you, good info!

  • KodokmagKodokmag Posts: 1,089 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #613 November, 2020, 11:28 pm.

    thank you for generous trace charms it helps alot.

    now the most challenging task is finding another player in knight bus.

    knight bus is kind of like ghost bus now. 🤔

  • DjeaDjea Posts: 224 ✭✭✭
    #714 November, 2020, 03:46 am.

    I love that you have also included all Exstimulo Potions brew times to be reduced by 50 percent with the use of master notes. What time will this start? In the past, the promise of reduced brew times does not start until much later in the day. Since I have a tendency to use a lot of Exstimulo Potions (all strengths) during Community Days and Wizarding Weekends, this would be the perfect time to rent a cauldron and fill up my stock.

  • ILuvachuILuvachu Posts: 1
    edited November 2020 #814 November, 2020, 07:08 am.

    I just used masters notes on Tonic for Trace Detection potion and it only reduced brewing time by half; to just around 2.5 hours because I have other brew time reductions. It was about 2:05am local time. Why did it not reduced it to under an hour? I checked my recipe section and it shows the reduced time is supposed to be in effect.

  • mszzajmszzaj Posts: 31 ✭✭
    #914 November, 2020, 09:29 am.

    I can’t find portmanteaus (only 1 found, have 9 empty slots) or ingredients for brewing TTD and extimulos. Is there a problem? @HPWUTeam @hpwulola

    Otherwise I’m having a great time finding lots of (for me) rare foundables! Thank you! 🌺 @HPWUTeam

  • RosieNuRosieNu Posts: 9 ✭✭
    #1014 November, 2020, 03:50 pm.

    Just completed this November community day event. Much, much better than last previous few. Better spawn rates and more of what you need in tft potions spawns. Thanks guys.

    Hooe all you witches and wizards enjoyed this event as I have :)

  • BlondeRaven418BlondeRaven418 Posts: 2
    #1114 November, 2020, 03:59 pm.

    My TTD aren't showing reduced brew times. I paid to finish brewing 2x but I still show over 2 hours after Notes are put in. It is correct in the portions screen though ...

  • RegulusPTRegulusPT Posts: 30 ✭✭
    #1214 November, 2020, 04:09 pm.

    First (and last?) TTD

  • Drumgrl66Drumgrl66 Posts: 31 ✭✭
    #1314 November, 2020, 06:16 pm.

    Cannot buy energy!!!!!!!

    I’m unable to collect my complimentary gift and buy energy from Diagon Alley. I want my gift! I already finished community day. How am I supposed to play without energy??

  • bellabumpsbellabumps Posts: 3
    #1414 November, 2020, 06:23 pm.

    Tonic for trace was taking 2.5 hrs to brew with master notes. With 20 plus runestones no chess queen and very few other fragments. Two fragements I did get were marauders maps which I thought were not supposed to drop.

  • PierogalloPierogallo Posts: 20 ✭✭
    #1514 November, 2020, 06:54 pm.

    Almost 2 hours I'm stuck with 3 queen chess remaining to prestige to gold. More than 25 runestones used and not a single one came. What's going on? From ruins 3 to dark 1, no chess queen! This is so frustrating, what are the odds of such bad luck?

  • NavikNavik Posts: 54 ✭✭✭
    #1614 November, 2020, 07:00 pm.

    This is a much better community day event. Dare I say fun even? The ability to work on a whole page is great, the drops from the fortress help, and energy as rewards take a lot of the fortress **** sting out of it. Would have increased energy spawn just a bit, and maybe tweak the runestone rewards from event spawns, but all in all a great event. Thank you!

  • JolanKillkelyJolanKillkely Posts: 13 ✭✭
    #1714 November, 2020, 08:01 pm.

    This was a good event. CD worthy... lived up to its name.

  • bellabumpsbellabumps Posts: 3
    #1814 November, 2020, 09:22 pm.

    Just an update on my former comment. Just did a forest 4 and my reward was not the chess queen like it should have been...

  • SeptimaLupinSeptimaLupin Posts: 10 ✭✭
    #1915 November, 2020, 03:30 am.

    Great job HPWU team. One of the best and most enjoyable CDs ever. Keep up the good work.

  • enTrainedenTrained Posts: 59 ✭✭✭
    #2015 November, 2020, 03:46 am.

    Great Community Day except no Chess Queens to be found!

  • LittleClamLittleClam Posts: 7 ✭✭
    #2115 November, 2020, 04:51 am.

    Stuck on silver LoH page to prestige, because despite 20+runestones, I have not received a single queen chess piece.

  • Trillium74Trillium74 Posts: 4 ✭✭
    #2215 November, 2020, 05:14 am.

    I completed CD but received a connection error and did not pick up the completed rewards. I really want the DADA books. Is it possible to get them?

  • DjeaDjea Posts: 224 ✭✭✭
    #2315 November, 2020, 08:12 am.

    Thank you very much for a great community day 😊 I especially love the half brewing time for all Exstimulo Potions. I was able to play more because I had Exstimulo Potions. With the rented cauldron, I was able to also brew a lot of Tonics for Trace Detection. Great game!

  • PierogalloPierogallo Posts: 20 ✭✭
    #2415 November, 2020, 08:39 am.

    Finally I made it to gold with a bunch of 25 more runestones to get this 3 queen chess! I had one hour remaining in the event so I have fulfilled Hermione and Dumbledore on gold page 😊. Thank you for the event

  • alexainder08alexainder08 Posts: 11 ✭✭
    #2515 November, 2020, 12:19 pm.

    A significant improvement and in my opinion a good community day. There is not much hassle to complete the task, the tonic spawns relevant confoundables and this time it did not consume much time. Good job WU team.

  • ArtaxSpells4UArtaxSpells4U Posts: 1
    #2615 November, 2020, 01:15 pm.

    This event was really well chosen!

    Several of the recent events have been excessively difficult to complete and have caused a lot of unhappiness amongst players I know (I, myself, have grumbled from time to time) ... but this one seemed like it was achievable with a reasonable time investment, and without devastating one's potions inventory.

    Kudos, Niantic, for getting the balance right this time!

  • DarthFixerDarthFixer Posts: 5 ✭✭
    #2715 November, 2020, 03:29 pm.

    So much more reasonable and although it took me quite a few hours I didn't feel like it was impossible if I didn't live in a city, which I don't and was able to play at a higher level than casual but not glued to my phone like the 2 community events in October which I bailed on the first after 2 hours and so little progress and then only did enough on the second day to prestige a page. Losing out on DADA books really sucked.


  • CanadaEh08CanadaEh08 Posts: 40 ✭✭
    #2816 November, 2020, 04:32 am.

    This was an amazing event! Brought me up to level 60 and finally got enough Ron’s to prestige to gold on that page. And lots of Dumbledore to get more field guides!!!

    Thanks @hpwulola and team!

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