Help calculate brewing time?

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in Potions #1 latest comment 01 November, 2020, 01:20 pm.

I wonder if any of you have ideas or advice to help calculate brewtime on potions?

I have dyscalculia, meaning I have a disability related to understand numbers and doing calculations, including understading the clock. So when I try my best I often miscalculate badly, so some sort of tool where I could check would be a awesome!

What I would like to calculate is:

• Brew time after masternotes is made.

• Estimate what time is when the potion is finished.

So I wonder if any of you have advice on online tools, apps (I'm a IOS user) that could help?

I am level 50 in game and has spent some in SOS training to reduce brewtime so the before so usefull infographics can't help asmuch now.

To be honest it would be a great help even if a tool didn't completely solve it all, like if someone could help me how to set up a calculations in Microsoft excel or in an app for only the masternote deduction or only calculate what the clock is after x hour and x minutes.

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