Why is Niantic trying to lose players?

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in Brilliant Events #1 latest comment 18 October, 2020, 04:48 pm.

First it was Darkness Rising Part I. Enough has been said, no use repeating it. No, I didn't bother trying to make it past the second page even though I'm Level 50 and live near multiple inn farms (which I helped create back in Ingress).

Next, the September Makeup Day had a horrific scarcity of required foundables. I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated as midnight approached and hours of **** failed to produce the needed foundables.

Niantic, you've managed to DESTROY the game. It's a GAME, it's supposed to be FUN. After hours of continuous tonics , ignoring even red traces (and everything else) just to try to get what was needed, midnight presented me with a notice about the next event and poof... all was lost.

Darkness rising Part I was horrible - I've completed every brilliant event (and maxed out every event registry page), but I couldn't get past stage 2 this last time. I almost didn't play today, but I figured what the heck, I've been it the game for so long, don't give up because of one horrible event.

I'm wondering if you're intentionally trying to clear the ranks of experienced players. I don't see what that would buy you in HPWU. You are succeeding though, I hope it is your intended outcome.

Anyway, the last two events both struck out... three strikes and you're out.



  • Ancient1derAncient1der Posts: 8 ✭✭
    #218 October, 2020, 06:20 am.

    I have to agree with much of this. I started playing just weeks after the game first came out and it is, quite literally, the only game I play. Sometimes I play for hours at a clip, but most of the time I play periodically throughout the day every day. That said, I admit it has become significantly less enjoyable over the past few months/events. The **** requirements are achieving levels of tedium I did not think possible.

    I enjoy the daily tasks, collecting ingredients, brewing potions, etc. what I do not enjoy, however is needing to use up enormous quantities of potions, spell energy, and time to finish these events especially for so small a reward. I am a level 46, returning many of these foundables should not be this difficult nor should it require so many resources.

    This game has become monotonous, and , though I have a spent quite a lot of money on this game, I am nearly at the point of simply deleting it and spending my money and time on something more fun.

    I find it sad that I see these events as less “challenge” and more “chore”.

  • MSchroeder117MSchroeder117 Posts: 3
    #418 October, 2020, 02:14 pm.

    I agree with the previous comments. Darkness Rising, Pt 1 was VERY frustrating (especially trying to walk to open 5 portmanteaus in the Bonus Section). Now, with the September Makeup Community Day, I am

    left with needing 9 prophecy record foundables. No matter how many Tonic for Trace Potions I threw at it, or places I drove, I could not get those foundables to appear. Frustrating.

  • Logan1034Logan1034 Posts: 1
    #518 October, 2020, 02:53 pm.

    Third strike is today, then. Uninstalled it myself after using half a dozen PTTs and saw my lack of progress. Congrats on killing yet another Niantic game. I won't give you three strikes for that. Ingress and HPWU were enough for me to see a pattern.

  • SilverWolfSrSilverWolfSr Posts: 11 ✭✭
    #618 October, 2020, 03:32 pm.

    The manner and ways in which you are failing your players is truly spectacular. You’re like a Trump supporter, doubling down on your belief that all is wonderful even when all signs say otherwise. It’s quite laughable at this point. Good luck.

  • ArgiopeArgiope Posts: 2 ✭✭
    #718 October, 2020, 03:57 pm.

    It is not just Wizards for me you see I am a Pokemon player. Yesterday about an hour after I woke up I headed to my nearby outdoor mall for a combo Wizards/Pokemon morning. I do this one day every weekend. Over the first hour playing Wizards I got the first few tasks completed, then switched to Pokemon in an attempt to fill up my egg slots with 12K eggs prior to the start of Pokemon community day an hour later. You see they locked two of my favorite Pokemon from the Shield game behind 12K eggs, which can only be obtained from the Team **** leaders. You have to beat 6 grunts and then you have to face a team leader who will drop an egg into your inventory if you have an open egg slot. You get eggs from gifts, pokestops, and gyms and you have no say in the matter (unlike Wizards where you just don't pick them up). The complaining on Pokemon forums is that we have to stop spinning and opening gifts to preserve free egg slots, at a time when Team **** battles are consuming all of our healing potions for our Pokemon. Well problem is there was only one team leader at that mall and they don't refresh throughout the day and I had 6 open egg slots, which meant I had to hope for a balloon which carries either grunts or team leaders to you every so often (depending on the stage you are at) to help me with more team leaders. So because my resource was not available, over about 6 hours I couldn't spin gyms/pokestops unless my pokemon storage was full. I played for 6 hours with my pokemon storage with only 1 slot open, which I had to fill to spin a stop or gym. Community day is 5 hours now, which I like. Since they switched from 3 hours to 5 hours I play until lunch, then go home and catch from home, then go out for 2 hours at the end. Not this time. Over the course of the 5 hours I caught 18 shiny charmander, none of which were over 2 stars (which means they suck). The whole time I was also fighting every grunt I could find hoping to fill up those egg slots (which I never managed to fill). I was so defeated and tired! I evolved 4 crappy shiny in hopes that some day I will find other players who also have extra that they can trade me for an IV re-roll.

    I then came home to eat dinner, even though I knew I still had to finish the Wizards community day. While eating dinner I read posts on my local forum (BenTiger is one of our members). I saw nothing but complaints about how hard it was. I tried two tonics at home and it was working, but I knew I would never be able to finish the event that way before midnight. So at 8:30pm I went back to that same mall that I had been at from 9am to 5pm and drove around the edges of the parking lot until my phone was about to die. I finished the event at 11pm but continued to try at home until midnight to get 1 last tank of brains (I only needed 1 to prestige the foundable). No such luck - the game switched at midnight to Sunday community day.

    Yesterday Niantic was my life. I got absolutely nothing done because of two impossible events where resources were limited and RNG ruled. I watched posts of people showing their 93% charmander shinies and of people who because of work and life couldn't finish yet another Wizards event. Niantic - my life is very sad. I really needed an intervention yesterday. My boyfriend, who plays Pokemon and got tired of the ****, gave up long ago. He hasn't battled a single grunt to get a 12k egg and he caught charmander from home until he got 1 shiny and then shut off the game. He is a lot better at this than I am.

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    #818 October, 2020, 04:16 pm.

    Wow. Lost my first event (October community day). After using up so many potions, couldn't even get the last trace I needed to complete. Previously I've never had to use so many potions for traces!

    Pretty disappointing though, it used to be fun and relaxing and I could complete every task even when I play only when I have free time.

    You guys can't expect us to open and stare at the app for many hours during these community days and still have difficulty completing. It's getting ridiculous and I might just quit the game because it's taking too much of my time.

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