Map needs updating

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Where i live does not show up on the map, i get that it is a new build and the site is not finished yet but ive lived here for over a year now and it still thinks im in the middle of no where its very fustrating when i cant do anything as i get no chanllenges or ingrediants on the map and i have to walk 30mins to 45 mins just to get somthing when theres a gym 5 mins up the road. It seems like some places have loads ie where my parents live they can sit in there lounge and do everything but the miles from there lounge and then other places get nothing ie me where i have to wait days just to pop ups its very fustrating when my freinds are on level 50 and im only on level 13 and i cant move off it as theres nothing round me for miles.



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    #216 October, 2020, 11:15 am.

    niantic updates the map once every...2? 3? years? I think pogo has had 2 map updates for nests and so on (one when they went from gmaps to osm and one osm update after) and only 1 visual update so far. What you see in-game map is a different update from the data used for landmarks/flags. I can't be sure of course but I doubt we're getting either map update(s) anytime soon.

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