Wizarding Challenges Need a Refresh

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in Feature Requests #1 latest comment 18 October, 2020, 09:24 am.

Some random ideas to make it more interesting:

* additional types of foes

* double proficiencies/double weaknesses against different foes

* final boss that must be battled by the whole team after all others have been defeated - high chambers or level V chambers only

* buff the completely useless mending charm (e.g. extra health for each charm) or swap it for the marginally useful bat-bogey hex - even the focus charm would be better

* additional hexes/charms for each profession and let each player pick which 4 hexes/charms they can use from a larger set that they know (Do you know who would pick the mending charm? Nobody. Ever.)

* bigger proficiency bonus and weakness penalty

* lower cost det. hex and/or protection charm (lessons to lower the cost?)

* end of battle recap showing stats (e.g. total damage delt, energy used, focus used, foes defeated) for each player

* new potion(s) to temporarily improve accuracy and precision

* buff the wit-sharpening potion - S.O.S. lessons for this cost way too much for too little benefit

* nerf the bravery charm and make it cheaper - this charm makes elites easier than non-elites



  • Coridoni2Coridoni2 Posts: 12 ✭✭
    #216 October, 2020, 05:39 am.

    I agree with some of these suggestions, but certainly not all of them.

    I feel that an additional two Fortress Levels, each with five Chambers, should be added with the second set of Lesson Plans, and one final Level when the third set is released.

    Access to these Fortress Levels should be limited to those who have completed the previous Lesson Plan(s) in their chosen Profession(s).

    The new Levels should have new, stronger Foes, and the fifth Chamber in each new Level could have one "Boss Foe."

    New, stronger Hexes and Charms should be introduced with each new Lesson Plan, which either buff or replace the current ones.

    The Fortress servers should be numbered, and everyone allowed to select which one they wish to use, to better facilitate team play with friends. This would also solve the problem of players tying up Ruins II-III Chambers to Beacon for their friends.

    The End of Battle recap seems like a great idea.

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    #318 October, 2020, 09:21 am.

    all KB/challenges need are new foes new floors new profession plans (and or professions), new challenge registry pages and/or families, new exploration registry fort only foundables (new pages and/or fams there too), and a friends lobby in KB, personally i dont care abt stats, and i dont lose time looking at the rewards screen after each d5, exit fast, meet my discord group in next d5 start, rinse repeat.

    Finally remove the 'coming soon' in new profession lesson plans, 16 months and counting isnt coming soon, coming soon is 2-6 months after launch, not a year and a half. It's insulting just to look at that.

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    edited October 18 #418 October, 2020, 09:24 am.

    and no heavens sake dont nerf nothing!!! when youre playing w a team that knows what theyre doing 7 focus for bravery is nothing, it's defeat 5 foes or something which shouldnt take more than 1 min out of the 10 of a D5....wit sharp is also useless w a team that knows what theyre doing, when you have proficiency, bravery and the elite foe properly hexed the elites are 2-3 shots 5 at most, wit sharp is 100% useless no matter how much they boost it. I havent used one since april when KB was released.

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