Useless currency

SparkleLovegoodSparkleLovegood Posts: 25 ✭✭
in Wizarding Challenges + Professions #1 latest comment 16 January, 2021, 06:07 pm.

Anybody else super tired of being "rewarded" useless currency? I don't need any scrolls or red books, my profession is finished. The incentive for completing daily tasks, useless. The incentive for leveling up on challenges, useless. Incentive for placing event stickers more than once, useless.



  • VerainaVeraina Posts: 1 ✭✭
    #214 November, 2020, 09:02 pm.

    I've nearly maxed out all 3 professions, but while I have more than enough scrolls, I still need red books and the other ones (dada?) .

    I will continue to bank them until they release new content. I do wish scrolls were usable on the other skill tree.

  • ResurrectionIvyResurrectionIvy Posts: 54 ✭✭
    #311 January, 2021, 04:25 am.

    I chose not to train beyond one profession. Boy was I glad to have all those scrolls and red books when Adversaries were introduced! Clearly the developers don’t always correctly forecast how their changes to the game will play out. Eventually, they do seem to make changes to try to keep things in balance.

  • DrakoniteDrakonite Posts: 1,151 ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 11 #411 January, 2021, 07:27 am.

    ive maxed out all 3 professions, and i'll max out all 3 adversarial professions.

    1st 3 professions required roughly 2000 scrolls each, and 435, 465, 210 red books , the adversarial trees require 600 red books each x3= 1800 and 3000 scrolls each x3= 9000. and 1150 DADAs each (3450 total).

    It is an almost certainty that when new fort profession plans are released they will require 4000+ scrolls and 800+ red books each plus rsbs plus dadas plus maybe field guides and/or ministry manuals.

    Will that make a dent to my red books and/or scrolls? Probs not, but I prefer to have more and just finish stuff easily than having to grind months and months for hrs per day to do so. For me even at 3000 red books and almost 50.000 scrolls currently, there are no useless currencies. Especially if the devs see your post and similar posts by others and decide "useless eh? Well here's 2nd and 3rd profession plans for forts, requirements? 40k scrolls each and 5000 red books each, 400 rsbs each and 5000 DADAs each, have fuuuuuuuunn!!!"

  • HalloMamiHalloMami Posts: 78 ✭✭✭
    #514 January, 2021, 12:35 pm.

    Yeah, they are pointless, but I'm not particularly bothered by that.

    On the event stickers: Yeah, I think that is something they need to fix. When you are kind of low levelled, event trunks are attractive because of the 1k XP and 5 scrolls, but once you have all the scrolls you need and the trunk improvements skilled (which do not apply to event trunks), I feel that brilliant traces are kind of pointless and thus a nuisance after completing the event tasks.

    I generally tend to ignore brilliant traces unless I specifically need them for a task. And they get outright annoying when I completed the bonus assignments and want to play the game normally, but trace charms and TTDs still spit out brilliant traces...

  • DrakoniteDrakonite Posts: 1,151 ✭✭✭✭
    #614 January, 2021, 12:57 pm.

    Brilliant Events altogether are boring, lame, repetitive and frustrating. They need to be axed yday and their 'rewards' (dada and rsbs only thing I rly care for) be given another way, preferably farmable like advers. and DADAs.

  • PangarbanPangarban Posts: 25 ✭✭
    #716 January, 2021, 06:07 pm.

    It's too bad there isn't a thumbs down option, because I like events. Yes, for those who have been playing from the beginning there is a feeling of repetitiveness. The regularity is both a blessing and a curse. However, having achieved almost everything else this game has to offer, there is at least a monthly achievement: gain level 65* in the latest event.

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