Players Not Participating in Fortress

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I was just in a battle with 1 Auror, 2 Magizoologists, 2 Professors. Everyone did great, EXCEPT for the Auror. She did not participate at all. Did not give focus, cast spells, or fight. There were tons of Dark Wizards and Death Eaters, and everyone had to take over for her.

Please come up with a way to encourage people to participate in the battles. Possibly a reward system, giving extra XP or other rewards to people who help the team get stronger; less for fighting; and none for non-participation. It's not fair to the other players.



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    #212 October, 2020, 11:35 am.

    If they did nothing it's more likely they glitched out. But if people hex/buff but don't go for the foes, then I think they are freeloaders.

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    I just did a battle in the Forest with another Auror and an amazing Magizoo. We had 12 foes and the other auror was only hexing and passing focus so I know there wasn’t a connection issue, this auror didn’t take on a single solitary foe. The Magizoo and I took down all but one of the foes and then the Magizoo got knocked out and the auror that didn’t take down a single foe kept hexing the last foe. So we lost the battle.

    I truly hope that HPWU can figure out a way to hold these people accountable as it isn’t fair to the other players taking on all the foes while this person just sits back and hexes foes and doesn’t use any spell energy and then reaps the hard earned rewards by the other players. I get that there is no easy way to do that because people have connection issues and real life stuff occur during battles so I don’t know what the answer is except when we see people only hexing or passing focus don’t complete the battle to teach them a lesson. Any other suggestions??

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    #416 October, 2020, 10:04 am.


    What do you think of as a way of ensuring that all players "participate"...?

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