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Hello fellow witches and wizards.

There has been a huge outpouring of unhappiness with the WW weekend and the Darkness Rising BE.

Part 2 task 350 BE FXP was a brutal slog. Personal I found playing to be a grind and just wanted to get thru that task. The goal should be keep players at all levels engaged and enjoying the game.

Think about this, earn__ FXP allows the players more options to complete this task.

A FXP task can be completed by several actions-returning foundables, walking event Portkeys, and fortressing with the event runestone. This task allows more options for individual players to decide how to complete the FXP task and what assets to use to do so.

Now consider the past alternative tasks

  • Return _ number of X foundable. -All you may see is Y foundable, then you need Y foundable all you see is X. Don't 'cha just looooveee RNG!
  • Walk _ number of portkeys for several tasks. -We all hated and were also very vocal about 5 to 15 portkeys per event
  • use _ number of event runestones or
  • get _ number of event fortress foundable -1st earning X number of = using lots of SE and getting the fortress reward takes a lot of SE as well and is more frustrating because you don't always get the reward drop.

To @HPWUTeam I see what your trying to accomplish. More options for players to play to their style or circumstances. Thank you for all your hard work on events and the changes to make more playable game with 2020 restrictions.

To @hpwulola ( you could bring this up to the best decision maker) The balance seems to be missing especially in Darkness Rising. 4 to 8 SE to return the Snatcher or the Poacher + a miserable 3 or 4 FXP + a miserly 50 XP = unhappy sloggy grind. Keep the FXP but adjust the reward to the SE requirement.

Example Dragons, Fluffy, or Horned Serpents 2 to maybe 4 SE + 10 FXP + 500XP = WOOOHHHHOOT!

What we as players want is better balance. I have some more thoughts and suggestions and will start another post. Link to follow in my next comment

Always-be safe, be healthy, be well and Happy Pottering




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