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in Game Events #1 latest comment 08 October, 2020, 07:51 pm.

Since this event started I have found two lots of spell energy on the ground (10 total SE)and I am burning through 100 spell energy to capture 20 brilliant traces.

I am stuck home due to Covid and a sick child. As are many of the players around the word. When an event began we used to get 50 SE in the gift pack and 25 SE for completing a task but now we get 25 and 10 respectively.

I am a day one player and would budget real money to spend in this game once a month but since the fragment-gate, trace-charm gate, incorrect plume-gate, and the weekly bug du’jour I refuse to spend my hard earned money in this game until things are fixed and the devs start adding actual NEW content to the game.

If the lack of SE and erumpent horns on the ground are an attempt to force players to spend money then you will continue to loose more and more players. As a loyal player and I feel I can speak for a lot of players, we don’t mind spending money on a game we love if the players are being treated respectfully but month after month and week after week it is a complete failure of execution by Niantic. And ZERO appreciation from Niantic about their players. Poor Lola only pops in maybe once a week in the forum and is probably afraid to come here and post because the loyal forum using player base is very angry and hostile that Niantic has turned something we all love very much not to mention our deep found love for all things Harry Potter into a bastardization of what this game could be.



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    #208 October, 2020, 07:43 pm.

    It's been my experience the last month or so that spell energy is abundant on the map when there's not an event going on but as soon as an event starts, it pretty much disappears. No idea what changed but it's not new. It's just more hard felt when it requires hundreds of spell energy just to return brilliant foundables to do the brilliant event tasks. I will definitely not be touching brilliant foundables once I am through this event because they simply take too much spell energy and too much time. It usually takes me about a minute and a half to two minutes to defeat a snatcher as a maxed out magizoologist.

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    #308 October, 2020, 07:51 pm.

    I have refused for months now to spend anything on spell energy due to ridiculous departure rates and endless spell casts before that. This is clearly just an excuse to weasel more cash out of players. I'm halfway through level 50 so I'm gonna push through until the end but I won't spend another dime with the way things are going, on top of it not being suitable for play at home (never has been), which stinks for people like me who are wheelchair bound but I'm used to it. What makes it blatantly obvious is when there is energy all over the map when you're at or over capacity but nothing to be found when you need it. I'm able to go around the apartment to refill if I can find it but you have to sit in one spot often for several minutes before anything will appear. The erumpent horns are practically nonexistent except BE portkeys for me, rarely on the map. Once the covid changes are taken away I might just quit playing because I can never get to an inn and the change in daily tasks has helped me to be able to complete stuff. I feel for those stuck inside because it's never been suitable for play at home but that's how niantic games are apparently, and they don't care

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