The mystery of the Battle of Department of Mysteries

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So, this event apparently has Hermione surprised because why would the Calamity focus on this particular battle.

But what struck me as odd is that she is pushing the department to get rid of the Veil while "Gareth Greengrass" refuses to do so.

So what exactly is the relevance of this information and why is Mr. Greengrass so insistent on keeping the artifact? (Hidden agenda?)

It is also important to note: this guy helped Grim Fawly become an Unspeakable. Coincidence?



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    @Eleanor001 thank you for the timely context. I've been pondering the same thing! I was also wondering who Garrett Green grass was. If he was mentioned in HP canon. (I didn't have time to look it up)

    Also que suspenseful music duh duh duunn.

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    So Gareth was possibly Draco's father in law?

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    @Owlx Oh my God! I did not know that. So he is from a pure blood family (known to be cuckoo about the whole maintaining pure blood thing), he thinks of Penelope as his daughter, gets Grim the job and then the whole London 5 disappearance occurred.

    So, if we go by that theory, how would The Calamity help that agenda? Because till now we know that Grim affected the Calamity, is suspected to cause it and steal certain books with spells to which the confoundable spell was counter-casted by the Ministry. So was this a pre planned event to influence Grim into casting this spell and is Penelope involved with Gareth? Did they cause the disappearances themselves while influencing surges that pick up memories of certain people in order to plant info ( hermione said she's received new memories about a talk with Grim) or extract them.

    Remember, Grim is particularly gifted in runes and tome translations. Maybe he got something he wouldn't have otherwise shared. Maybe make him desperate enough that he accidentally shares info while trying to get Penelope back and Gareth knew this?

    A very long shot of a theory but yeah.

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    Even before the last two weeks' events, I've suspected some different players in the Calamity's origins. Last month when they dug up Trelawney's prophecy about the "grim man," I suspected she was taking about Sirius (since in the books, she mistook his dog form in Harry's tea leaves for "The Grim"). Now we have a surge relating to the night he died, specifically involving the artifact into which he fell, AND now Harry seems to be acting suspiciously? Penelope may not be the only person someone was trying to bring back...

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    Hey, I accidentally hit my screen and skipped the conversation at the end of the 2nd Hall of Mysteries event, when Harry was explaining how he manipulated it. Is there anywhere I can see this conversation again? Can someone take a picture? Is there a way to get past conversations via the app? It's silly, but I really like reading these notes. Thanks!

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    @VoiceMaster I don't think you can get these conversions again (except the ones about mysterious artifacts in the registry). This one's gone for me too but Harry unfortunately doesn't reveal anything. In fact he says he talks about this manipulation thing and that he understood something but then Constance asks him about it and he says he's got a meeting and has to go. So there is no kind of revelation. In fact Constance even mentions how Harry piqued her interest and just left her hanging there with mo explanation.

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